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Good luck! Boot Menus We have been network booting FreeBSD for some time with pxeboot. These instructions will be quite misleading when applied to any recent release. Also, smbpasswd and secrets.tdb in /usr/local/etc/samba need to be writeable, and samba needs to be able to create files in that directory.

subnet and a correctly specified ip format (gateway is blank). While /usr, /bin and /sbin can be shared across multiple systems without change, /var and /etc contain many per-client files, and many writable files, which require special treatment. We could just have separate rc.conf files for each server, but that makes maintainance error-prone. davef 2012-04-04 07:59:33 I never had to mess with any of the kernel files. https://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-questions/2003-April/003648.html

Vfs: Cannot Open Root Device "nfs" Or Unknown-block(2,0): Error -6

Start with a copy of the standard /etc: mkdir -p /pxeroot/conf/base cp -r /etc /pxeroot/conf/base/etc This is a good time to reboot the client and note that it now boots with Not that there is anything wrong with that, but we have a different purpose. Regards, freqclock freqclock 2012-04-02 13:14:14 some kernel logs for more information. -- JFFS2 version 2.2. (NAND) (SUMMARY) �੩ 2001-2006 Red Hat, Inc. In my diskless setup I have hardware ethernet 00:50:ba:1d:f2:38; next-server; fixed-address iapetos.vlsi.gr; filename "/tftpboot/kernel"; option root-path ""; while the export file of the server is: / -ro -alldirs -maproot=root: -network

This is almost always the situation with any new to market motherboard, even if it claims to use a supported chip set for LAN connections. Juergen Beisert 2012-03-12 13:02:19 Seems your whole NAND partitioning is completely messed up. Try passing init= option to kernel. [] (unwind_backtrace+0x0/0xcc) from [] (panic+0x54/0x134) [] (panic+0x54/0x134) from [] (init_post+0xdc/0x10c) [] (init_post+0xdc/0x10c) from [] (kernel_init+0x100/0x134) [] (kernel_init+0x100/0x134) from [] (kernel_thread_exit+0x0/0x8) can you please tell me Kernel Panic - Not Syncing: Vfs: Unable To Mount Root Fs On Unknown-block(2,0) If /tmp (and other local drives) are left out of the fstab, then an unclean shutdown won't prevent the system from booting to network mode, with sshd running.

Thanks & Regards, freqclock Juergen Beisert 2012-04-14 15:13:06 > build all the image and follow step as per the pdf and DONE. \o/ > The problem now is I have lcd Vfs Unable To Mount Root Fs Via Nfs Trying Floppy bootargs 'console=ttyO0,115200n8 root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=,nolock rw rootdelay=15 ip= earlyprintk notifyk.vpssm3_sva=0xBFD00000 mem=128M ddr_mem=512M vram=50M'Thanks,Ran ========== Reply Cancel Cancel Reply Suggest as Answer Use rich formatting TI E2E™ Community Support Forums Blogs Videos Groups Gnome, hald, policykit, dbus We have not put any effort into getting Gnome (or any GUI) running on the client, however Gunawan has sent us instructions with a request that we https://e2e.ti.com/support/dsp/davinci_digital_media_processors/f/717/t/132915 IN NO EVENT SHALL THE REGENTS OR CONTRIBUTORS BE LIABLE * FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL * DAMAGES (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, PROCUREMENT OF SUBSTITUTE GOODS

He suggests setting a fixed, known to be unused for rpc_statd on the client rc.conf: rpc_statd_flags="-p 704" and on the server: rpc_statd_flags="-p 703" This is a known bug that was (in Nfsroot Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found. This literature fills a much needed gap and I am sure it discourages people from attempting to boot from the net. As you list it at 2012-04-03 07:54:20 it seems okay.

Vfs Unable To Mount Root Fs Via Nfs Trying Floppy

Reload to refresh your session.   Search for:Search Want your own MarkMail? Thank you for your time. -- freqclock davef 2012-04-04 08:09:58 share the video? Vfs: Cannot Open Root Device "nfs" Or Unknown-block(2,0): Error -6 No extension IO board connected. Please Append A Correct Root= Boot Option Which tutorial did you follow to accomplish that? ~ update -t barebox -d nand runs correctly.

Hit any key to stop autoboot: 3 mini2440:/ . /env/config mini2440:/ -- here is the cut and paste of what you are saying. @Juergen, I think I need to make changes I would be interested to know why one needs such big partitions for barebox and bareboxenv. devtmpfs: mounted -- and after i got root prompt. miniarm 2012-10-06 08:36:29 I am also trying to compile version 2.6.38, it is downloading... Please Append A Correct Root Boot Option Here Are The Available Partitions

All postings and use of the content on this site are subject to the Terms of Use of the site; third parties using this content agree to abide by any limitations Then re-flash again the kernel and the root filesystem. SSH daemon The first time it runs on any host sshd creates some key files in /etc/sshd that are specific to the host IP address. Linux version 3.2.9-SLTL ([email protected]) (gcc version 4.3.2 (Sourcery G++ Lite 2008q3-72) ) #1 Mon Mar 12 12:28:08 IST 2012 CPU: ARM920T [41129200] revision 0 (ARMv4T), cr=c0007177 CPU: VIVT data cache, VIVT

can you please confirm the same and if Yes, what value must be there in .c file for correct kernel parameter. Something like.Your exact numbers will be different. Pxelinux has a potentially complex configuration which is documented elsewhere, but at a minimum you would need a directory /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg for the configuration files.

Thnx =)But something I noticed that if I export a path that is binded bymount_nullfs I get the same error as before...br,--//Monthadar Al Jaberi 4 Replies 2 Views Switch to linear

Also it is secure because the server exports read-only the partitions. For the NAND types with 16 kiB erase blocks you should also reserve more than one of them to form a partition. Few of our clients include that desirable feature. All postings and use of the content on this site are subject to the Terms of Use of the site; third parties using this content agree to abide by any limitations

We place the read-only "pxeroot" directory on its own partition (mounted as /pxeroot to match the default requested by pxeboot). Daemons adapted from a message from Alex Aminoff We have daemons that run on only one or a few of our diskless servers. build all the image and follow step as per the pdf and DONE. -- Registered led device: led1 Registered led device: led2 Registered led device: led3 Registered led device: led4 Registered This is for the case one of the blocks is already bad or becomes bad in the future.

Reload to refresh your session. done, booting the kernel. NFS boot is enabled. Juergen Beisert 2012-03-31 17:13:28 Did you really read the thread?