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Pkgadd Error Memory Allocation Failure

x86: Solaris Trusted Extensions Must Use Xsun X Server In this release, Solaris Trusted Extensions on x86 based systems supports only the Xsun X server, not the Xorg X Window server. There is no indication that the -R option did not work. Then perform the following steps: Log in to a command-line session. hicksd8 View Public Profile Find all posts by hicksd8 Documentation Home > Solaris 10 10/09 Release Notes > ChapterĀ 1 Installation IssuesSolaris 10 10/09 Release NotesPrevious: PrefaceNext: ChapterĀ 2 Solaris Runtime http://back2cloud.com/pkgadd-error/pkgadd-error-2.php

I'm trying to do some odd things and wanted to know if anyone had any ideas that might help. Basically, I'm doing a full pkgrm of all VRTS packages (yes, live), then a pkgadd of the new ones and seeing if I can get it to work. Open the /etc/system file. The affected cards remain at full power and no power savings are realized. http://www.unix.com/solaris/238827-memory-allocation-failure-pkgadd-solaries.html

For x86 systems– Solaris Live Upgrade from the Solaris 8 release to the Solaris 10 10/09 release is not supported. Workaround: To play an audio track, perform these steps: Run the following gst-launch command by replacing the 1 with the audio track number that you want to play: $ gst-launch cdda://1 SPARC: DSR Upgrade Might Cause System Failure (6883262) Disk space reallocation (DSR) Upgrade using DVD or /net image might cause corruption of systems.

Solaris Interactive Text (Desktop session)” in the menu below. Issue the metastat -D command for local metasets. Workaround: If such a zone is found, the zone should be made ready and then halted prior to starting the upgrade. If you use the command luxadm -e dump_map to display data for such devices or host bus adapters, an error message is displayed.

If needed, restore the original master and slave jumper settings. The following error messages are displayed on the system console upon reboot: line1-v215 console login: Oct 6 15:40:57 inetd[457]: Property 'name' of instance svc:/network/stdiscover:default is missing, inconsistent or invalid Oct 6 The contents of the original non-global zone and the copy might differ. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down.

Workaround: Type the following commands: /usr/share/webconsole/private/bin/wcremove -i console svcadm clear system/webconsole:console smcwebserver start Note – The wcremove command removes the server domain instance that was created for that specific console. The following error message is displayed: Can't open boot_archive Fast Data Access MMU Miss %TL:1 %TT:68 %TPC:f0009ca4 %TnPC:f0009ca8 %TSTATE:8840001600 %PSTATE:16 ( IE:1 PRIV:1 PEF:1 ) DTLB-MATCH:ffffffffffffe ( VA:-2000 CTX:0 ) Workaround: From the local set, remove the component d21 and the hot-spare pool swimming. # metaclear d21 d21: Concat/Stripe is cleared # metahs -d swimming c1t2d0s1 swimming: Hotspare is deleted # metahs The command generates an output similar to the following: # metastat -D d21: Concat/Stripe Size: 208278 blocks (101 MB) Stripe 0: Device Start Block Dbase Reloc c1t1d0s1 0 No Yes swimming:

The installation program suggests a default size for the /var file system. If unmounting fails, you might need to forcibly unmount the file system by using umount -f. Note – Newer versions of the firmware might already be available at the site. The following error message is displayed: Registration setup: 8/8 (Executing SUNWpmgr_reg.sh) Registering components: 64/64 (Registering PatchMgrCli.jar) # # An unexpected error has been detected by HotSpot Virtual Machine: # # SIGSEGV

No error message is displayed. http://back2cloud.com/pkgadd-error/pkgadd-error-checkinstall.php Workaround: None. If name_service.xml is already a symbolic link file, as in the Solaris 10 Hardware 2 release, the fix for CR 6411084 will not work. Solaris Express 9/06 Issues The following issues apply to the Solaris Express 9/06 release.

Other extended devices are then reserved for use by AT applications. Note that the list of missing packages varies, depending on the Solaris release that you are running. You must manually specify a larger slice size for the /var file system. http://back2cloud.com/pkgadd-error/pkgadd-error.php This new tool defines valid keyboard layout strings.

Thanks! -- Darren Dunham ddunham at taos.com Senior Technical Consultant TAOS http://www.taos.com/ Got some Dr Pepper? Answer the questions on the screens as appropriate for your system. Create a new xorg.conf file. # /usr/X11/bin/Xorg -configure The command creates the file xorg.conf.new in the root (/) directory.

Edit the Size column entry for the /var file system to twice the disk space size.

General Information This section provides general information such as behavior changes in Solaris 10 OS. Previously, removable media were mounted to the /vol/dev/aliases directory by vold. Solaris Express 7/05 Issues The following issues apply to the Solaris Express 7/05 release. The system restarts.

Workaround: Use the prstat command. See also Chapter 11, GRUB Based Booting (Tasks), in System Administration Guide: Basic Administration. Workaround: Use the USB CD/DVD. Get More Info Complete the installation.

Generated Mon, 24 Oct 2016 05:50:30 GMT by s_wx1202 (squid/3.5.20) ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection Use the arrow keys to select Transfer Mode. However, you might observe the following symptoms on all GNOME applications: Icons and window titles exhibit unassigned colors. The configuration fails when you are setting up the USB mouse device while using a PS2 mouse device as the core pointer.

Not enough memory for graphical installation. The problem occurs under the following circumstances: You have performed an initial installation from the Solaris 8, 9, or 10 3/05 release. At the debugger prompt, type: ::bp -d -n 1 attach_drivers :c npe`pcie_error_disable_flag/W 1 :c Once the Solaris OS is installed, you can avoid using the workaround by adding the following variable Type the following in a terminal window: # # cd /cdrom/cdrom0/Solaris_10/Product # pkgadd -d .

The Sun Java Web Console debug log file at /var/log/webconsole/console/console_debug_log displays if the web console service is cycling, starting and stopping. Issue the following command: # update-mime-database /usr/share/mime Log out of the system and then log in again. Workaround: None. Assign the number to the file system that you create with the newfs command.

If you are using dtlogin, follow these steps: In the dtlogin window, click Options and select Command Line Login. You no longer need to install and download these packages. After an upgrade from Solaris 10 Hardware 2 to the current Solaris 10 10/09 release, the following message is displayed on the console or logged in the messages file: Oct 23 The following error dialogs are displayed: Show Desktop has quit unexpectedly, Don't Reload, Load Window List has quit unexpectedly, Don't Reload, Load Workspace Switcher has quit unexpectedly, Don't Reload, Load If

See: http://sun.com/msg/SMF-8000-KS See: /var/svc/log/system-filesystem-local:default.log Impact: 18 dependent services are not running. (Use -v for list.) Workaround: Reboot the non-global zone from the global zone. If you are using the GNOME Display Manager, follow these steps: Log in to a session as superuser. Solaris Express 5/06 Issues The following issues apply to the Solaris Express 5/06 release.