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Pioneer Dvd Player Error Codes


Guest #85 anyone have a hack to make this region free can't find any codes for it anywhere. Press "Pause" using the remote. Ask Your Own Car Electronics Question Customer: replied6 years ago. However, watching films on a computer rather than on home video equipment has the advantage that the only problem is the region code: The video encoding (NTSC/SECAM/PAL) is not a problem. get redirected here

I TRIED TO CHANGE THE REGION BUT IT WONT ALLOW ME TO CHANGE CAN YOU HELP ME ON THIS?? Pull out the assembly slowly and remove the other connector. It is expensive (US$169.99 on eBay as of 27 September 2007), but is supposed to be able to convert NTSC, PAL, and SECAM signals to either NTSC or PAL signals: I Credentials confirmed by a Fortune 500 verification firm.

Pioneer Error Code 02-9e

Maybe your's have already been changed 4 times, region 3 being the last one selected. It´s not necessary!! comedy shows, most of which don't take off over here for some reason. If you choose to purchase such a piece of equipment, you yourself should check the different models that are available, what features they offer, how much they cost, etc.

The screen will now show a prompt for a new code "Code ---" 5. OPEN TRAY (NO DISC DISPLAY ON PLAYER) 2. REPLY Maria #43 How do I change to region 0, anybody? Pioneer Error Codes So, if you do have a DVD player that you'd like to convert, you can try it.

This fix my not solve the problem permanently but seems to work for at least a while. Error 02 D0 Pioneer Solly REPLY SimilarSitch #61 Hi Solly, just checking if you ever managed to figure out how to fix this dvd player. The three major analog video encoding standards are NTSC, SECAM, and PAL. Search your model number on the website and follow the directions.

The site I have used for the last few years is called VideoHelp.com, and they have a section of the site dedicated to DVD hacks. Pioneer Error Code 02 D0 Is this true?=( Cecilia #14 Hi Paul I hope you can help me I have a Sony NS710H player could you please help me to unlock it the instructions vir the this is a vcr and dvd player...Please!!!! You will see numbers.

Error 02 D0 Pioneer

Yes, we can watch now the German DVD's! http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Support it's just this weird picking and choosing of which Region 1 discs it will read that is the only headache. Pioneer Error Code 02-9e When setup menu is displayed, it disappears after a few seconds. Pioneer Error-02-e0 Noise bars on screen.• Tracking adjustment beyond range of automatic tracking circuit.

For example, almost all DVDs and DVD players sold in North America have a region code of "1", and DVDs with a region code of "1" can only be played on Get More Info REPLY Suresh #100 I own a pioneer dv-386 dvd player. You don't need an expensive player. This error may also appear in the event of an error in the USB device itself. Pioneer Error 02 6b

All malfunctions of the type of "No disk" or "Error", random hangs-up during reproduction, etc. Guest #4 Attention PHLY95 ..... There is some discussion on the Internet about codes for "unlocking" DVD players so that they can play DVDs having other region codes. useful reference Just want to know how to make my dvd player: JVC XV-N650B code free.

Remove the connected USB memory device and reconnect the main unit’s power cord. Pioneer Error 02-6e Not even the manual has any manufacturer info. This is especially important for translators in North America, where it is difficult to get regular exposure to foreign languages.

Seems lke no onewas successful with it.

It is also necessary to have a plug adapter, since the electrical outlets and plugs used in many foreign countries are different from those in North American. All for less than $100 including tax. Click here to return to Thomas Hedden's home page. Error 02 Eo Pioneer REPLY William G #98 Does anyone know how to set this for Region 0 for All?

Yesterday, I upgraded that player to a DVD player with HD capability for the impending HDTV we'll need to buy. REPLY Guest #17 I purchased the LC-516M in Korea and have succesfully set this to code free. Thanks so much. this page Press the 0 button on your remote control 5.

This is a DVD/Video Cassette Recorder. Region 1 discs won't play in region 2 players, and vice versa. REPLY Anonymous #72 I found the 314159 solution above works for more than one LG version. I just bought a dvd from the Uk and can't play it on my dvd player.

REPLY Mindy #99 Hello! and thus see no issue with setting the DVD player to play multiple codes. 1. Wingell REPLY Guest #94 how about LG HT554TM? Submitted: 6 years ago.

Converting the player to Multi-Region: 1. My region-free DVD Player just broke, and so my family got a new one, a Sony DVP-NS710H. I was unable to test this converter with SECAM input. Power the player off, wait 30 seconds and then power back on.

Note that some companies that produce DVDs have introduced special protections intended to prevent piracy, and that some of these make it difficult or impossible to view certain DVDs on certain