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Php Simplexmlelement Parser Error


Specifies a well-formed XML string classname Optional. DGrigg Development Inc. You signed out in another tab or window. Copyright 1999-2016 by Refsnes Data. http://back2cloud.com/parser-error/parser-error-on-abc-com.php

Browse other questions tagged php xml wordpress or ask your own question. What is a Likewise Thing? Scholars' Lab member davidmcclure commented Nov 3, 2012 Hi Nicholas, Ok, I looked in to this, and I see two things that could be going on. Will investigate.

Simplexml_load_string Error Handling

I have a new guy joining the group. Specifies a Boolean value. At what step of the process to you get the error? This help j Next menu item k Previous menu item g p Previous man page g n Next man page G Scroll to bottom g g Scroll to top g h

Browse other questions tagged php xml simplexml or ask your own question. Menu Home Blog About Projects Contact PHP SimpleXml Parser Error Jan 12, 2010 Comments (9) If you use PHP with SimpleXml to parse xml you may run across a strange issue If you send me the original .tif file you're working with, I'll be happy to try to get it working locally and see if I can find the problem. Libxml_parsehuge Return Values Returns a SimpleXMLElement object representing data.

Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up PHP Catching a SimpleXMLElement parse error [closed] up vote 5 down vote favorite 1 I have a script that parses some XML Simplexmlelement Error Handling How common is the usage of yous as a plural of you? Generating Pythagorean triples below an upper bound Words that are both anagrams and synonyms of each other A movie about people moving at the speed of light Where's the 0xBEEF? Powered by W3.CSS.

Longest "De Bruijn phrase" in English Generating Pythagorean triples below an upper bound Why isn't tungsten used in supersonic aircraft? Entityref Expecting Xml The following example tries to load a broken XML string: Example John Doe [email protected] "; $xml = simplexml_load_string($myXMLData);if ($xml === false) { echo "Failed loading XML: If you're lucky and you like taking chances, you can try to somehow make it work by kind-of-fixing the input. foofoonet 2006-08-14 08:20:25 UTC #2 Sorry - bad info given by me skinny_monkey 2006-08-15 18:22:26 UTC #3 I'm still none the wiser on this, and any hints would be appreciated.

Simplexmlelement Error Handling

EDITS BELOW TO INCLUDE LESS ADULTERATED ERROR OUTPUT: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10206237/stack_overflow_xml.xml ERROR 1: simplexml_load_string() [function.simplexml-load-string]: Entity: line 10: parser error : EntityRef: expecting ';' in ERROR 2:(The XML I think is fine Specifies the class of the new object options Optional. Simplexml_load_string Error Handling How to explain the existence of just one religion? Parser Error : Entityref: Expecting ';' I ended up just try { $x = new SimpleXMLElement($y); } catch (Exception $e) { echo $e; } share|improve this answer answered Nov 10 '10 at 17:43 Weston Watson 1,34431522 3

The above change is necessary for things to work, but seems like the layer you're talking about it just totally absent. useful reference Are you sure the store/layer exists and is configured properly? Thesis reviewer requests update to literature review to incorporate last four years of research. But you can try to pass LIBXML_PARSEHUGE as an option - which helped in my case. Simplexml_load_string Parser Error

is it possible to bypass the errors? Not the answer you're looking for? Name (req'd) Email (req'd) URL Comment You can use these tags:

my review here Errors/Exceptions Produces an E_WARNING error message for each error found in the XML data and additionally throws an Exception if the XML data could not be parsed.

You can try to salvage data using string manipulation (as opposed to XML manipulation) but the only sure way to fix the situation is to produce valid XML. –Josh Davis Sep Libxml_use_internal_errors Specifies additional Libxml parameters. Thanks!

Should I boost his character level to match the rest of the group?

To get around the issue, add a strip slashes command to the xml string before parsing it. Reload to refresh your session. Example #1 Loading broken XML string libxml_use_internal_errors(true);

everything worked fine and I stopped getting an By using the neatline-workspace-specific WMS address, as opposed to the top-level address (in your case, http://geo.ripia.net:8080/geoserver/wms), GeoServer is spitting out XML that does not include the workspace slug on the layer Nomia Dosy May 01, 2012 at 5:40 pm thank you! http://back2cloud.com/parser-error/parser-error-iis.php Thanks Nick Northern Territory Library nkirlew commented Oct 22, 2012 Hello David, Ok, I have rebuilt the Geoserver http://geo.ripia.net:8080/GeoServer and I have a WMS layer neatline:neatline_tutorial If I view the layer

We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. First, the WMS/layer combination you originally posted (http://geo.ripia.net:8080/geoserver/neatline/wms | neatline:DarwinHarbour) won't work because you're basically duplicating the "neatline" part of the request in the two parts. For help making this question more broadly applicable, visit the help center.If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center, please edit the question. Tip Use libxml_use_internal_errors() to suppress all XML errors, and libxml_get_errors() to iterate over them afterwards.

What's difference between these two sentences? I used following code snippet.

$xmlToObject = new SimpleXMLElement($notSoWellFormedXML);

Is it after you save the item form, or when you try to hit one of the item show pages?