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Parser Error Nmtoken Expected In Attlist Enumeration


LPX-00302 Incorrect stylesheet. Same as CUR is should be used only * to compare on ASCII based substring. * SKIP(n) Skip n xmlChar, and must also be used only to skip ASCII defined * LPX-00113 element "string" ID attribute "string" must be #IMPLIED or #REQUIRED Cause: Validity Constraint 3.3.1 failed: "An ID attribute must have a declared default of #IMPLIED or #REQUIRED." Action: Correct the Action: Some functions must be performed on a newly initialized context before being used for parsing. Check This Out

It is not a hard * limit but an optimization when reading strings like Names * It is not strictly needed as long as inputs available characters * are followed by LPX-00307 namespace prefix string used but not declared Cause: Namespace prefix is used but not declared. If no width is specified, it has a default value of 0. #REQUIRED Syntax Example DTD: Valid XML: violating Well-Formedness constraints */ static void xmlFatalErrMsgInt(xmlParserCtxtPtr ctxt, xmlParserErrors error, const char *msg, int val) { if ((ctxt != NULL) && (ctxt->disableSAX != 0) && (ctxt->instate == XML_PARSER_EOF)) return; if (ctxt http://xmlwriter.net/xml_guide/attlist_declaration.shtml

Dtd Element

LPX-00212 comment must not contain "--" Cause: A syntax error was detected in the comment. If you have further comments please address them to [email protected], and the maintainer will reopen the bug report if appropriate. Action: Review the failing function call, consult the documentation, and make sure the node types passed are correct. Example This example declares the following for the element: An optional publisher attribute that can only contain character data.

LPX-00225 end-element tag "string" does not match start-element tag "string" Cause: An element tag was not ended properly. Case is sensitive, so "Yes", "YES", and so on, are invalid.00256 invalid element declaration Cause: Problems were encountered parsing an element declaration. Action: Do not use ']]>' in character data. Dtd Idref Example LPX-00216 invalid character number (number) Cause: An invalid multibyte character was found.

Action: Provide with public *and* system IDs for 'PUBLIC' type. Attlist Multiple Attributes LPX-00233 namespace prefixes starting with "xml" are reserved Cause: Namespace prefix starting with XML was found. Action: Use proper syntax. Action: Examples, such as the ones above, are not permitted.

Action: Check and correct the declaration. Idref In Spring To avoid a parse error in some cases, you can optionally use the defaultValue field directly following this keyword.#IMPLIEDThe attribute can appear in the XML document, but if omitted, no parsing Last modified: Mon Oct 24 00:04:27 2016; Machine Name: beach Debian Bug tracking system Copyright (C) 1999 Darren O. Action: Use a proper keyword.

Attlist Multiple Attributes

LPX-00005 string buffer overflow, maximum size is number bytes Cause: A name, quoted string, URL, or other document component was too long. Benham, 1997,2003 nCipher Corporation Ltd, 1994-97 Ian Jackson. Dtd Element Any privately used codes should contain the prefix "X-" or "x-". #implied All rights reserved.

An ID attribute can only have an #IMPLIED or #REQUIRED default value. http://back2cloud.com/parser-error/parser-error-asp-net-4.php LPX-00210 expected 'character' instead of 'character' Cause: A syntax error was detected. Action: Make sure that the name space URIs are valid. Action: Verify HTTP reply for accuracy. Dtd Entity

Action: Declare the entity before referencing it. While using this site, you agree to have read and accepted our terms of use, cookie and privacy policy. LPX-00125 duplicate entity "string" (ignored) Cause: A general or parameter entity was declared more than once. this contact form If an author includes another value, the XML parser will return an error.

LPX-00230 invalid character number (number) found in a Name or Nmtoken Cause: An invalid character was found in a NAME or NMTOKEN. Cdata Pcdata It can be disabled with the XML_PARSE_HUGE * parser option. */ unsigned int xmlParserMaxDepth = 256; #define SAX2 1 #define XML_PARSER_BIG_BUFFER_SIZE 300 #define XML_PARSER_BUFFER_SIZE 100 #define SAX_COMPAT_MODE BAD_CAST "SAX compatibility mode LPX-00261 invalid URL string Cause: The specified URL was invalid and could not be parsed.

See example.

Action: Check the function names. LPX-00274 can't import node type Cause: Some node types (DOCUMENT_NODE & DOCUMENT_TYPE_NODE) cannot be imported with importNode(). Action: Verify conditional nesting in document and correct. Dtd #pcdata LPX-00239 invalid attribute type "string" Cause: The attribute type is not valid.

Action: Correct the URL; consult RFC-2396. IDREFS Allows multiple ID values separated by whitespace. Action: Define the desired decimal-format before trying to use it. http://back2cloud.com/parser-error/parser-error-iis.php LPX-00120 entity "string" NDATA (notation) "string" is undefined Cause: Entity's NDATA (notation) is undefined.

The keyword ATTLIST must be in upper case. Action: Check and correct the proxy specification. That is, open/close markup must occur within the same entity. Action: Make sure that apply-imports are invoked only if there is a current template and it is not in a xsl:for-each.

LPX-00406 object of incorrect type passed to the function Cause: An object of incorrect type was passed to the XPATH/XSL function. Copy sent to Debian HA Maintainers . (Thu, 29 Apr 2010 08:06:04 GMT) Full text and rfc822 format available. Cheers, -- Guido Send a report that this bug log contains spam.