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ctxt:an XML parser contextFunction: xmlGetExternalEntityLoaderxmlExternalEntityLoader xmlGetExternalEntityLoader (void) Get the default external entity resolver function for the application Returns:the xmlExternalEntityLoader function pointerFunction: xmlGetFeatureint xmlGetFeature (xmlParserCtxtPtr ctxt, const char * name, void * However the parsed document in ctxt->myDoc is not freed. But explain your concerns little more... How do I use this? | Other CB clients Other Users? http://back2cloud.com/parser-error/php-parser-error-document-is-empty-in.php

ntubski 03-01-2013 09:06 AM Try Process Substitution: Code: xml=""
result=$(xsltproc <(echo "$xslt") <(echo "$xml")) slapshot136 03-01-2013 09:46 AM Quote: Originally Posted by shivaa (Post 4902447) the parser context is augmented as a result of the parsing.Function: xmlParseExternalEntityint xmlParseExternalEntity (xmlDocPtr doc, xmlSAXHandlerPtr sax, void * user_data, int depth, const xmlChar * URL, const xmlChar * ID, xmlNodePtr So there are two options - 1) track the issue on machine that builds filelists as it seems it's possible to generate correct one by using correct gzip - or does Hosted by Red Hat.

Xmlparsefile Example

doc = xmlReadMemory(XMLFile, strlen(XMLFile), "noname.xml", NULL, 0); share|improve this answer answered Jul 18 '13 at 20:48 James Holderness 17.9k11935 It's always the smallest details that I overlook that cause buffer:an pointer to a char arraysize:the size of the arrayReturns:the resulting document treeFunction: xmlParserAddNodeInfovoid xmlParserAddNodeInfo (xmlParserCtxtPtr ctxt, const xmlParserNodeInfoPtr info) Insert node info record into the sorted sequence ctxt:an XML parser When I try to load it back in using xmlParseFile(filename) it spits out an error saying it can't find the file. Using catalogs can speed up parsing processes if many external resources from remote addresses are loaded into the parsed documents (such as DTDs or XIncludes).

Comment 11 Adam Williamson 2012-11-19 12:06:23 EST Discussed at 2012-11-19 QA meeting, acting as a blocker review meeting. If used without an argument retrieves negated value of no_blanks. Possible value is a subroutine reference. Automatic support for ZLIB/Compress compressed document is provided by default if found at compile-time.

Comment 1 Dennis Gilmore 2012-11-16 18:54:16 EST This prevents us from doing composes. Do it look like memory leak bug in libxml? val:int 0 or 1Returns:the last value for 0 for no substitution, 1 for substitution.Function: xmlReadDocxmlDocPtr xmlReadDoc (const xmlChar * cur, const char * URL, const char * encoding, int options) parse http://www.symantec.com/connect/forums/pgppgpprefsxml1-parser-error-document-empty The return value from each is a XML::LibXML::Document object, which is a DOM object.

I am trying to avoid writing to the disk (as this may kill the flash disk that I am using), and will be using this in a bash script shivaa 03-01-2013 Automatic support for ZLIB/Compress compressed document is provided sax:a SAX handleruser_data:The user data returned on SAX callbacksfilename:a file nameReturns:0 in case of success or a error number otherwiseFunction: xmlSAXUserParseMemoryint xmlSAXUserParseMemory (xmlSAXHandlerPtr If anyone has any, I would be grateful if you would share it. If this function is called without a parameter it will complain about non well-formed documents.

Xmlparsememory Example

parse_file $doc = $parser->parse_file( $xmlfilename ); This function parses an XML document from a file or network; $xmlfilename can be either a filename or an URL. if the document is serialized, these extra nodes will not show up. Xmlparsefile Example sax:the SAX handler blockcur:a pointer to an array of xmlCharrecovery:work in recovery mode, i.e. Xmlreadfile parse_fh $doc = $parser->parse_fh( $io_fh ); parse_fh() parses a IOREF or a subclass of IO::Handle.

It doesn't deallocate any document related memory. http://back2cloud.com/parser-error/php-simplexml-parser-error-document-is-empty.php I'm having difficulties with libxml2's push-parsing api and passing it data incrementally. All is well til I get an error message like: Entity: line 1: parser error : Document is empty ^ Entity: line 1: parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not See XML::LibXML::Reader.

finish_push $doc = $parser->finish_push( $recover ); This function returns the result of the parsing process. This is a very common misunderstanding in the use of XML::LibXML. XML::LibXML allows one to post-process a document to expand XInclude tags. this contact form An optional second argument can be used to pass some options to the HTML parser as a HASH reference.

See load_xml for more information. I have also tried writing the document to a file and parsing it using xmlParseFile and it parses successfully. passed to XML::LibXML->new, XML::LibXML->set_option, etc.) /html/ if it can be used passed to the parse_html_* methods /reader/ if it can be used with the XML::LibXML::Reader.

This may break on old application and is turned off by default.

If the parser flag "expand_xincludes" is set to 1, you need not to post process the parsed document. Function: xmlInitParserCtxtint xmlInitParserCtxt (xmlParserCtxtPtr ctxt) Initialize a parser context ctxt:an XML parser contextReturns:0 in case of success and -1 in case of errorFunction: xmlKeepBlanksDefaultint xmlKeepBlanksDefault (int val) Set and return the Catalogs are used to map remote resources to their local copies. Function type: getParameterEntitySAXFuncFunction type: getParameterEntitySAXFunc xmlEntityPtr getParameterEntitySAXFunc (void * ctx, const xmlChar * name) Get a parameter entity by name.ctx:the user data (XML parser context)name:The entity nameReturns:the xmlEntityPtr if found.

See: /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/createrepo/utils.py Comment 10 Jaroslav Reznik 2012-11-19 10:01:56 EST Well, the problem is with footer, not header. See "Parser Options" for a list of libxml2 parser's options. Powered by MailMan, Python and GNU. http://back2cloud.com/parser-error/php-xml-parser-error-document-is-empty.php With a true argument sets the recover parser option to 2; with a false argument sets the recover parser option to 0.

How to do \widthof with a symbol if (λ x . Upgrade of 1.X code should be done by using xmlIsBlankNode() commodity function to detect the "empty" nodes generated. I need some other discussions on what else can be attempted and if this may be a common issue with a common solution. I can check it in leafpad.

It sounds like maybe the problem is that the very first line is not or some such. Is this alternate history plausible? (Hard Sci-Fi, Realistic History) how much interest did Sauron have in Erebor? Function type: hasExternalSubsetSAXFuncFunction type: hasExternalSubsetSAXFunc int hasExternalSubsetSAXFunc (void * ctx) Does this document has an external subset?ctx:the user data (XML parser context)Returns:1 if true Function type: hasInternalSubsetSAXFuncFunction type: hasInternalSubsetSAXFunc int hasInternalSubsetSAXFunc sax:the SAX handler blockfilename:the filenamerecovery:work in recovery mode, i.e.