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Parser Error Attribute Xmlns Redefined

XML-23043: FOTY0011: context item is not a node Cause: This was an XPath 2.0 F&O specification error. Throw an error. XML-20054: undeclared entity string used at line string, column string Cause: The entity declaration was not found in the DTD. Action: Fix the input document by specifying the required attribute. Check This Out

Browse other questions tagged c or ask your own question. XML-24077: value string greater than or equal to maxExclusive Cause: [cvc-maxExclusive-valid] The data value was out of boundary specified in maxExclusive facet. XML-22111: Invalid Result set in TransformerHandler. XML-20105: ENTITY type Attribute value string does not match any unparsed Entity. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7058189/xml-parse-error-attribute-name-redefined

gabelerner removed the Priority-Medium label Dec 7, 2014 jiorgiodavis commented Jan 5, 2015 try this guys, its a mixture of codes i got here. Then it's no longer necessary to fully qualify the particular namespace members, unless of course it's absolutely required to avoid ambiguity: Copy using namespace foo1; bar b1; // refers to bar Namespaces in XML Many developers feel that the XML 1.0 specification was incomplete because it didn't offer namespace support.

Each of these names will certainly be used in other situations where they don't convey the same meaning. XML-22101: DOMSource node as this type not supported. php xml xml-namespaces share|improve this question edited Feb 10 '15 at 23:04 Deduplicator 28k63266 asked Jun 11 '13 at 13:21 eidsonator 1,0181721 Please double-check, the XML you provide is Action: Check the XPath expression.

Action: Check the XPath expression. XML-20050: duplicate attribute declaration string at line string, column string Cause: Warning regarding duplicate attribute declaration. The apply-templates element then processes all child name elements that are also the urn:dm:student namespace. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2899274/php-simplexml-why-does-simplexml-load-string-fail-to-parse-google-weather See Production [51] in XML 1.0 2nd Edition.

XML-24080: value string smaller or equals to minExclusive Cause: [cvc-minExclusive-valid] The data value was out of lower boundary of value range. Sign in to comment Contact GitHub API Training Shop Blog About © 2016 GitHub, Inc. I was able to add the appropriate namespace (which in my case was another instance of 'redefining' xmlns - and was getting PHP Warnings about being unable to 'redefine' xmlns). Every element prefixed by "x" is from the http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform namespace, while anything that does not have a prefix is from no namespace (for example, hello_world).

The confusion typically stems from the fact that elements and attributes are treated differently and it's not immediately apparent that nested elements are being assigned the default namespace identifier. Action: Fix the contentspec by removing the extra space XML-20017: occurrence indicator string not allowed in mixed-content at line string, column string Cause: Occurrence is not allowed in mixed content declaration.For XML-22014: Expecting node-set before relative location path. Naming Namespaces When you define a namespace in a programming language like C++, there are restrictions on the characters that may be used in the name.

XML-24015: multiple ID attributes in element string at line string, column string Cause: [cvc-complex-type.2.5] More than one attributes with type ID or its derivation matched attribute wildcard. his comment is here XML-24040: invalid Name value string at line string, column string Cause: [cvc-datatype-valid.1.2.2] Characters were not valid value for Name type. XML-20062: 5-byte UTF8 encoding not supported Cause: The XML Parser does not support 5-byte UTF-8 encoding scheme. Bytes: 0xB6 0xE0 0xD4 0xC6 in C:\htdocs\test4.php on line 3 Call Stack Time Memory Function Location 1 0.0020 314264 {main}( ) ..\test4.php:0 2 0.1535 317520 simplexml_load_string ( string(1364) ) ..\test4.php:3 (

XML-22048: The string element children must precede all other element children of an string element. Action: See the documentation for a valid list of parameters. Action: Fix the qualified name. this contact form Action: Use data value not smaller than the value of minInclusive.

Viele Gre, Stefan MotMann10.02.2008, 08:52Was soll das denn? In this case, the answer will be exclusively the UTF-8 encoding. Steven. _______________________________________________ Users mailing list Users at lists.opensips.org http://lists.opensips.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/users Previous message: [OpenSIPS-Users] presence_xml error parsing xml body message Next message: [OpenSIPS-Users] Deleting a line from SDP Messages sorted by: [ date

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Action: Check the XPath expression. so for each port number, scannedby and service name, i invoke the parseall routine below. XML-23041: FORX0004: invalid replacement string Cause: This was an XPath 2.0 F&O specification error. If the match value were simply "student", it would only match student elements from no namespace.

Namespace prefixes can also be overridden by redeclaring the prefix at a nested scope, as shown here: Copy 3235329 Jeff Smith C# 35 In this example, everything XML-21012: cannot remove or replace node; it is not a child of the current node Cause: An attempt was made to remove an node that does not belong thecurrent node as XML-23011: FOCA0003: input value too large for integer Cause: This was an XPath 2.0 F&O specification error. navigate here but that changes the first line to

Topics: XML Parser Error Messages DOM Error Messages XSLT Error Messages XPath Error Messages XML Schema Validation Error Messages Schema Representation Constraint Error Messages Schema Component Constraint Error Messages XSQL Server Action: Fix the syntax to remove the content list. XML-20111: Element string repeated in mixed-content declaration. For example, if there are multiple AcmeHardware stores (one in California and one in Utah), placing the name AcmeHardware in two distinct namespaces resolves the conflict, as shown here: Copy California.AcmeHardware.Paint

A CDATA section containing only white space does not match the nonterminal S, and hence cannot appear in these positions. XML-20041: entity reference string refers to itself at line string, column string Cause: A parsed entity must not contain a recursive reference to itself, either directly or indirectly. In an XML document we use a namespace prefix to qualify the local names of both elements and attributes . This seems to work (the function itself I found on the web, just updated it a bit).: header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8'); function getWeather() { $requestAddress = "http://www.google.com/ig/api?weather=11791&hl=zh-CN"; // Downloads weather data based

Remove the extra text after the end-tag. XML-22021: Error parsing external document: string. Action: Correct the value to satisfy boolean type, valid values are "0: 1", "true", and"false". Regards, Anca Vamanu On Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 11:32 AM, Steven Lam, KeenSystems B.V. wrote: Hi list, I'm new to OpenSIPS, so don't shoot me when i'm

URNs work the same way. XML-20109: PI with the name 'xml' can occur only in the beginning of the document. Action: See the documentation for a valid list of parameters. XML-22121: Could not get associated stylesheet.

XML-20028: attribute string in element string has invalid value string, must be string at line string, column class="section" 1 Cause: failed: If an attribute has a default value declared with the Had the Namespaces in XML Recommendation stopped here, namespaces would have been much less confusing. The selectioncan be partial only for text nodes.