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Looking to get things done in web development? Does "when ~ dies, deal n damage to all players/creatures" have a name? ExceededConfigParamsError 116 You have reached the limit of 100 config parameters. If a session token is set before an installation is set, the SDK will create an installation for you. http://back2cloud.com/parse-error/parse-error-parse-error-unexpected-t-static-expecting-t-old-function.php

phone), send that to your hardware device during initial provisioning, then set the installation ID on the hardward device: char data[] = "ab946c14-757a-4448-8b77-69704b01bb7b"; parseSetInstallationIdinstalled on a device registered for push notifications has an associated Installation object. Help Google Group Stack Overflow Numeric Error Codes 0 votes 1 answer 2.29k views over 3 years ago Terry Collinson Where in the documentation can I find the explanation of the https://www.parse.com/questions/numeric-error-codes

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Ask the customer to rerun the last commands with CF_TRACE=true and send you the output. The function then updates the first two read-only tags on the form with decimal and hex equivalents of the full error code. Log In or Register to post comments AbqBill on Sep 10, 2008 Hi wtpmac, You need to register on the web site and log on first, and then you should be Ensure that the trace is not requesting an invalid URL Ensure that the API server is up.

This task isn't always completely straightforward—the code can be displayed as decimal, hexadecimal, or even a negative number. parseVersion: The version of the Parse SDK which this installation uses. Do I need to do this? Parse Javascript Api ProductNotFoundInAppStore 147 The product is not found in the App Store.

ObjectTooLarge 116 The object is too large. This operation shifts the number to the left 16 bits, leaving zeros for the rightmost 16 bits and the value 35 (53 in decimal) in the leftmost 16 bits. In the case of an HTTP error status, you should also check the request body. https://www.parse.com/questions/custom-error-response-codes-for-cloud-code You may also refer to RFC2616 for a list of http error codes.

Subscribing to Pushes In order to subscribe to push notifications, you’ll need to start the push service and define how your device will handle a push when it is received. Parse Sdk PushWhereAndType 115 Can’t set device type for a query-targeted push. appName: The display name of the client application to which this installation belongs. InvalidAPIKeyError 903 The request is using an invalid API key.

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InvalidExpirationError 138 Invalid expiration value. When you run this script, it will echo a signed integer (-2,146,828,235) because Windows Script Host (WSH) incorrectly interprets the error code as signed. Parse Error Codes Ios The Quick Start is the best way to get started installing the SDK into your target device. Api Parse Error Clover Check error message for more details.

LinkingNotSupportedError 999 Linking to an external account not supported yet with signup_or_login. navigate here Thanks so much!! –user1555112 Feb 19 '15 at 13:15 Sure, no problem! He had no experience with the parse. UsernameTaken 202 The username has already been taken. Parse Ios Guide

My opinion has changed. I want to use the codes for my localizations. Please advice Thanks! http://back2cloud.com/parse-error/parse-error-parse-error-unexpected-t-constant-encapsed-string.php I am happy preparing for such eventualities.

Installation related errors Name Code Description InvalidInstallationIdError 132 Invalid installation id. Http Error Codes In this one-day training, you'll find out what this new model for Windows really means to your organization and what the benefits are once you've made the move to Windows 10. These codes are returned as 32-bit unsigned integers.

Our goal is to totally eliminate the need for writing server code or maintaining servers.

UserEmailMissing 204 The email is missing, and must be specified. TeX capacity exceeded with beamer Money transfer scam Would there be no time in a universe with only light? Error Codes The following is a list of all the error codes that can be returned by the Parse API. Parse-server Once you've opened the calculator, from the View drop-down menu, select Scientific, then select the Hex and Dword buttons.

This could be an invalid field name or an invalid field type for a specific constraint. PushMisconfigured 115 Push is misconfigured in your app. In such a case you need to setup a callback and pass it to parseSendRequest. void mySaveCallback(ParseClient client, int error, int http://back2cloud.com/parse-error/parse-error-parse-error-unexpected-t-string-expecting-t-function.php Promise.

For example, let’s say you’re tracking data for your smart toaster. self.updateLabel("Erfolgreich registriert") } else { println(error.userInfo) var errorCode = error!.code switch errorCode { case PFErrorCode.ErrorConnectionFailed.rawValue: println("ConnectionFailed") case PFErrorCode.ErrorObjectNotFound.rawValue: println("ObjectNotFound") default: break } } } share|improve this answer edited Nov 14 '15 Four read-only tags display the decimal and hex equivalents of the error code, and a read-only