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Parse Error Before Int In C


I would like to go to bed tonight :) Faq Reply With Quote April 12th, 2005,02:10 AM #2 No Profile Picture umcookeg View Profile View Forum Posts  Contributing User Mostly, they then find the error themselves. "Finding the smallest program that demonstrates the error" is a powerful debugging tool. If you have time, I would love to see your idea. Hi, I am a student at Uni trying to compile my program on the schools SUN systems. have a peek here

Why do jet engines smoke? If you have a C compiler that can't handle newline characters in a source file, dump it, fast. Nov 15 '05 #11 P: n/a Ben Pfaff nick writes: #include #define BALANCE 5000 int main(){ int balance = BALANCE; return 0; } ass3ext.c:9: error: parse error before '=' Some compilers get all pissy over stray nonprinting characters, causing them to spew errors with no obvious cause. (Did you copy the file from a Windows machine to a Unix box, http://cboard.cprogramming.com/c-programming/111924-parse-error-before-int.html

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If it's supposed to be a prototype, put a return type (int,, int*, whatever) in front. ass3ext.c:9: error: parse error before '=' token thanks! I really don't know how I can output the whole matrix...sorry for so many questions Was This Post Helpful? 0 Back to top MultiQuote Quote + Reply #6 PennyBoki D.I.C

E.g. BTW, if it won't compile you ain't gonna get an executable! Brody | www.hvcomputer.com | | | kenbrody/at\spamcop.net | www.fptech.com | #include | +-------------------------+--------------------+-----------------------------+ Don't e-mail me at: Nov 15 '05 #6 P: n/a Dale nick wrote in news:dikd0q$2aoq$1 Try being less specific, any difference like this: for(i=0;i<2;i++){ for(j=0;j<2;j++){ printf("%d",num[i][j]);}} [EDIT] ya beat me to this idea Boki![/EDIT] also, which number is being printed, first, last, etc?

I am getting an error parse error before '*' token Your answers will be appreciated. Parse Error Before C++ Reference Sheets Code Snippets C Snippets C++ Snippets Java Snippets Visual Basic Snippets C# Snippets VB.NET Snippets ASP.NET Snippets PHP Snippets Python Snippets Ruby Snippets ColdFusion Snippets SQL Snippets Assembly Snippets For example, the following code: #include /* To shorten example, not using argp */ int main() { printf ("Hello, world!\n") return 0; } generates the following error: semicolon.c: In function find this You can only upload photos smaller than 5 MB.

You can't declare variables after code. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Parse error before '(' token up vote 0 down vote favorite So I have written down this program to read an input Im making a program using switch with odd and even numbers Answer Questions UNIX: What's the command t list all of the signals and designations for the trap command? Therefore, we must do this.

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Unix text files use a single LF character to mark the end of a line; no translation is necessary when reading a file in either text or binary mode. (Note that this contact form AFAIK no DEC machines except PDP-11 and VAX have (explicitly coded, mostly orthogonal) modes. (5 and) 8, and I believe 12 and 15, have 3-bit opcode, and for I/O 6-bit address What Is A Parse Error In C Code: //try //{ if (a) do { f( b); } while(1); else do { f(!b); } while(1); //} 02-05-2009 #4 matsp View Profile View Forum Posts Kernel hacker Join Date Jul Thread: parse error before int, can't figure this out.

error: parse error before `(' token How to Parse a CSV formatted text file Browse more C / C++ Questions on Bytes Question stats viewed: 2913 replies: 22 date asked: Nov http://back2cloud.com/parse-error/parse-error-parse-error-unexpected-t-constant-encapsed-string.php You probably want something like: *(FName->name1 + i) = ... This last because CPM's directory structure maintained file sizes in 128-byte records, not bytes. Browse other questions tagged c compiler-errors or ask your own question.

so your array starts with num[0][0], and ends with num[3][3], in total of 16 elements. All rights reserved. Thank you so much!!! http://back2cloud.com/parse-error/parse-error-parse-error-unexpected-t-static-expecting-t-old-function.php Nov 15 '05 #21 P: n/a Keith Thompson "Old Wolf" writes: Martin Ambuhl wrote: Joe Wright wrote: Just a nit.

c pointers function-pointers share|improve this question asked Feb 28 '14 at 11:53 stackUnderflow 11617 4 may be EPGState is not a valid type? –michaeltang Feb 28 '14 at 11:55 1 Under SUN Solaris 9 using egcs-2.91.66 I get....... So I believe you need to explicitly assign the values to the variables, like: num[0][0]=8; num[0][1]=1; ...

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But you are trying assign numbers and brackets and colons to a variable that accepts only integers. Not the answer you're looking for? The CPM/DOS/Windows text file line ending is CR, LF or 0D, 0A or 13, 10. If you read it in text mode, the end-of-line marker will be translated to a single "\n" character; C calls this a "newline" character, ASCII calls it "LF" or line-feed.

Why are planets not crushed by gravity? Similar topics Parse error befor % token Parse XML Backwards need to parse CL input using strtok() parse two field file Help with code (parse error) Parse library How to best Also there is the EOF character '^Z' or 1A or 26 to tell us the previous character was the last one. http://back2cloud.com/parse-error/php-parse-error-parse-error-unexpected-t-constant-encapsed-string.php Under SUN Solaris 9 using egcs-2.91.66 I get.......