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Parse Error Before Character 0243

A0061E Message Format A0061E: 'type reference' is defined using WITH COMPONENTS and has a non-OPTIONAL element 'identifier' which has a constraint type constraint. Resolution: Either define the condition-name in the SPECIAL-NAMES paragraph, or use one of the COBOL class-names. 0055 Index-name set to value greater than table size A SET index-name TO literal statement Example Module-A0031E DEFINITIONS ::= BEGIN A ::= [0] VisibleString (FROM ("A" | "E" | "I" | "O" | "U")) -- Valid B ::= [1] VisibleString (FROM (INCLUDES A)) -- Valid D Message Cause One of the following types in the input ASN.1 syntax uses implicit tagging instead of explicit tagging: CHOICE, ANY or ANY DEFINED BY. have a peek here

Resolution: Add the word COMMA. 0119 CRT expected You have used a COBOL word or user-defined word where your COBOL system expected the reserved word CRT. Possible Solution Make sure the INCLUDES clause is valid. Here, the designer may wish to change the fabric on all the chairs and sofas in the living room. As for you end questions: uname -a gcc -v share|improve this answer answered Sep 30 '08 at 20:34 Paul Tomblin 113k35255356 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote When trying http://www.qtforum.org/article/2254/what-is-parse-error-before-character-0240.html

The exponent, if present, consists of E or e followed by an optional sign and one or more decimal digits. Possible Solution Redefine your schema and make sure you do not need so many levels of nesting. Also, when a string value in RI_HANDLEID is passed to RiLightSource in a DSO context, the RtLightHandle returned is guaranteed to have the same string value. A0078W Message Format A0078W: 'type reference' is defined with INCLUDES of a type with no subtype information.

Resolution: Redesign your program as a set of smaller independent programs that call one another. 0016 Data space too large Your program's Data Division exceeds the maximum size allowed. A0059E Message Format A0059E: 'identifier' is not an element of the SEQUENCE 'type reference'. The error messages can contain variable information. All attribute settings should follow immediately after the RiAttributeBegin request.

Resolution: Revise your code so that the PICTURE clause and its qualifiers are of the same type. 0212 Illegal data item used with BLANK clause The BLANK WHEN ZERO clause can RIB File Structuring Conventions The RenderMan Interface Bytestream (RIB) is a complete specification of the required interface between modelers and renderers. A0052E Message Format A0052E: 'type reference' is not defined. find this Message Cause An INCLUDES clause does not conform to the ASN.1 standard.

Next Action Send the exact command line and ASN.1 input used to Technical Support ‹[email protected]› for review. A0069S Message Format A0069S: Circular reference problem. Possible Solution Each number in a list of named numbers must be unique. Message Cause The input ASN.1 syntax contains a module definition that does not have a module name.

Possible Solution Make sure the tag number is positive and does not exceed the maximum allowed limit. https://supportline.microfocus.com/documentation/books/sx22sp1/emsynt.htm Message Cause The input ASN.1 syntax contains duplicate tags that will cause ambiguity problems in decoding. Alternatively, if you have used the figurative constant ALL in your code, you have not coded it in accordance with the rules governing the use of this constant. Do you not know C at all?

Resolution: Ensure that the correct data-name appears in both the TYPE CF/CH and CONTROL clauses. 0263 Not allowed when PAGE not specified in RD You have either specified a TYPE PH navigate here Resolution: Ensure that the correct data items are used. Message Cause The input ASN.1 syntax contains an implementation-specific compiler directive (--

Message Cause You have not assigned an INTEGER value to a node of the OBJECT IDENTIFIER tree. Is it a function declaration? The string length is an unsigned value and is transmitted from most significant byte to least significant byte. Check This Out Resolution: Correct the errors. 0209 PROCEDURE DIVISION missing or unknown statement The PROCEDURE DIVISION header is missing from your program or, if present, your COBOL system has failed to recognize it.

The character immediately following the \ determines the precise interpretation, as follows: \n linefeed (newline) \r carriage return \t horizontal tab \b backspace \f form feed \\ backslash \" double quote In an environment where multiple renderers are available, a Render Manager can provide the user with the ability to tailor RIB file to best suit the desired renderer. When placed in the header of a RIB file, any nonstandard shaders that appear in the entire file should be listed.

That is, an array was specified with an incorrect number of elements.

Message Cause This error occurs when a number in a list of named numbers that belong to a type is specified more than once. The semantics of each RIB request are identical to the corresponding C entry point, except as specifically noted in the text. Arrays of numbers are used, for example, to specify matrices and points. Example Module-A0010E DEFINITIONS ::= BEGIN OperationPDU ::= SEQUENCE { priority INTEGER OPTIONAL, parameters ANY DEFINED BY priority } END Error Message "a0010e.asn", line 4 (Module-A0010E): A0010E: The element 'parameters' has an

The item is declared implicitly by its appearance in an INDEX phrase, so you have in effect declared the same item twice. Example Module-A0009E DEFINITIONS ::= BEGIN OperationPDU ::= SEQUENCE { priority INTEGER, ANY DEFINED BY number } END Error Message "a0009e.asn", line 4 (Module-A0009E): A0009E: The ANY DEFINED BY identifier 'number' is The permitted alphabet subtype (FROM) can only be applied to character string types, or types formed from them by tagging. this contact form This will provide warnings/errors where your code strays from standards compliance.

The compiler will make an assumption about what you meant. Correct the spelling error. 0057 Not a report group You must use a report group in this context. It is possible you are using the word "function" as a data-name. Resolution: Edit your program so that these words are on a line of their own. 0023 Nonnumeric literal expected You must specify a nonnumeric literal in this context.

Possible Solution Place the NamedBit inside braces. NOTE: According to the ASN.1 standard, if a module includes an explicit EXPORTS clause, you can export only the types listed as arguments, otherwise, all items are implicitly marked as exportable. The key word SIGN must be followed by either LEADING or TRAILING depending on the position you want the operational sign to take. Remove the duplicate tag number and add a unique number.

Moreover, we can imagine unrelated geometric entities organized into the same material grouping. There is no explicit termination symbol as in the C binding. Hello to all, I´ve got this error message during compilation and not for the first time. How can I omit this problem?

Features which are not new continue to be supported. 0159 One or more SQL options are incompatible with the installed SQL engine The version of the installed database engine does not Render managers should provide this kind of control to users at render time. This error usually occurs when the identifier is either misspelled or is defined outside the SEQUENCE. Resolution: Ensure that your numeric literal complies with the syntax rules. 0021 Too many qualifiers You have used too many qualifiers when referring to a qualified data-name, procedure-name or text-name.

C0044E Message Format C0044E: UTF8String characters in the range from {0,0,216,0} to {0,0,223,255}, from {0,0,255,254} to {0,0,255,255} and from {128,0,0,0} to {255,255,255,255} are not valid. Thus, the following RIB statements are equivalent: LightSource 57 "spotlight" LightSource "57" "spotlight" Starting with PRMan 11.5, RtLightHandles and RtObjectHandles can be cast directly to RtStrings in all contexts.