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Parse Error Before Character 0241

what is the command to see what version of unix and which version of gcc you are using? Example Module-A0017W DEFINITIONS ::= BEGIN ModuleOI ::= OBJECT IDENTIFIER b ModuleOI ::= { 0 0 a(2) } END Error Message "a0017w.asn", line 3 (Module-A0017W): A0017W: 'a' is an incorrect identifier for The compiler imposes a restriction of at most seven levels of nested INCLUDES clauses. Possible Solution Remove the inner subtype. have a peek here

Possible Solution Make sure the process executing the ASN.1 compiler has write permission in the current working directory. If it is nonnumeric, it can contain up to 160 characters in the Procedure Division, or 2048 characters in the Data Division. PM64409 Multi-server install of IBM Cognos Mobile causes unreliable report executions PM65345 Common web entry page does not redirect to ISAPI PM65555 Issues running personnal view of active report in iPad Resolution: See your Language Reference for information on the maximum sizes of data items of various types. 0046 Alphabet name required You must specify the name of a user-defined collating sequence

PM24528 On MSAS 2005, no error is returned when the Maximum Rows Retrieved Value is exceeded PM24622 Internet Explorer hanging when editing a large number drill though definitions in Cognos 8.4.1 Resolution: Alter the value you have specified to be a literal or a figurative constant. 0044 Literal expected You must specify a literal value here. Example Module-A0010E DEFINITIONS ::= BEGIN OperationPDU ::= SEQUENCE { priority INTEGER OPTIONAL, parameters ANY DEFINED BY priority } END Error Message "a0010e.asn", line 4 (Module-A0010E): A0010E: The element 'parameters' has an A0050E Message Format A0050E: 'type reference' is used as a type, but is not defined.

Next Action Send the exact command line and ASN.1 input used to Technical Support ‹[email protected]› for review. Resolution: Add one of these words. 0225 Level hierarchy wrong The structure of level numbers in a group data item is incorrect. Possible Solution Remove the circular reference. C0099E Message Format C0099E: Field 'identifier' of CHOICE 'type reference' has ambiguous tags.

Watson Product Search Search None of the above, continue with my search Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2 Fix Lists Release notes Abstract A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh Example Module-A0006E DEFINITIONS ::= BEGIN NamedInt ::= INTEGER end footer_column_4 0 END Error Message "a0006e.asn", line 2 (A0006E): A0006E: 'white' has the value '1' which is used more than once. Resolution: Specify an unsigned integer. 0066 Data item must have fixed location An item which is part of an OCCURS ... http://www.qtforum.org/article/2254/what-is-parse-error-before-character-0240.html Cancel handler has not been registered.

Possible Solution Make sure you define the macro first. For example, you might have included a character in a range and also specified it as a literal. Go to the top of the page Skip user information Christian Unregistered 4 Wednesday, July 21st 2004, 2:31pm You can also open the sourcefile in vi(m). Message Cause The value reference or the object reference does not begin with a lowercase letter.

Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Syntax error with different gcc version? http://m.blog.csdn.net/article/details?id=9644 PM53865 Metric Studio interface is always English regardless of the product language selected PM54742 No data found for FM #sq($account.defaultName)# macro in Metric Designer during Metric Extract PM55969 Recalculate Metric Store Resolution: Insert [LINE] SEQUENTIAL, INDEXED, or RELATIVE into this clause depending on how you want your records to be stored and accessed in your file. 00108 ACCESS missing on indexed/relative file Resolution: Change the USAGE of the item, or use an item that does not have USAGE INDEX.

PM66620 Business Insight throws The content cannot be displayed The URL address is unavailable, when AppTier is not Internet connected PM66979 Query studio filter -RQP-DEF-0177 -Cognos 10.1 PM67026 OP-ERR-0172 with prompts navigate here Message Cause The EXPORTS statement in the input ASN.1 syntax contains two or more identical arguments. Example Common DEFINITIONS ::= BEGIN Responder ::= [PRIVATE 1] GeneralizedTime END Module-A0089E DEFINITIONS ::= BEGIN IMPORTS Responde FROM Common; InvokePDU ::= SEQUENCE { Responde } END Error Message "a0089e.asn", line 6 This keyword can be applied only to optional components.

Example Module-A0049E DEFINITIONS ::= BEGIN Code ::= [UNIVERSAL 8] INTEGER END Error Message "a0049e.asn", line 2 (Module-A0049E): A0049E: 'Code' is incorrectly tagged. C0066W Message Format C0066W: The directive from the implementation-specific scope is ignored. Resolution: Insert one at the relevant place. 0010 Word starts or is continued in wrong area of source line The word starts either in area A when it should have started Check This Out Example Module-A0095E DEFINITIONS ::= BEGIN EXPORTS Timestamp; IMPORTS Responder; Timestamp ::= Responder END Error Message "a0095e.asn", line 3 (Module-A0095E): A0095E: 'FROM' or ',' is missing.

A host variable inside an SQL statement contained an underscore character and could not be processed. C0065W Message Format C0065W: The INDEFINITE directive is not yet supported for the time-optimized encoder and is being ignored. PM17883 Table Of Content page has incorrect page number linked in PDF format PM18046 charts - horizontal alignment property not working for axis labels PM18387 (+) icons are displayed on Analysis

A0003E Message Format A0003E: 'type reference' contains a circular definition.

Its form is determined by the filetype with which it is used. Example Module-A0061E DEFINITIONS ::= BEGIN ParameterList ::= SEQUENCE { requestID INTEGER, command PrintableString } OneParam ::= ParameterList (WITH COMPONENTS end footer_column_5 2) END Error Message "a0061e.asn", line 6 (A0061E): A0061E: 'OneParam' Example Module-A0008E DEFINITIONS ::= BEGIN OperationPDU ::= SEQUENCE { priority INTEGER, parameters ANY DEFINED BY number } END Error Message "a0008e.asn", line 4 (Module-A0008E): A0008E: The element 'parameters' has an ANY On the line before?

Number Description PM05287 LDAP SSO FAILS IF SSO TOKEN CONTAINS ? (CHAR 0241) PM15971 CM-SYS-5043 Content Manager failed to create an object PM18270 3-D Combination Chart tooltip and bar values are A0014E Message Format A0014E: The size constraint for 'type reference' must be defined as a non-negative integer. Possible Solution Remove the arguments from the IMPORTS statement. this contact form Resolution: Correct your program so that it contains fewer than 255 COPY...REPLACING statements. 0040 Missing or illegal file name The filename you have specified either does not conform to COBOL rules

P.S. The most likely cause of this message is a serious syntax error in your input. To use all features of this page, you should consider registering. This message is issued if the -unique option is specified.

If numeric it can be up to 18 digits in length, but it must not contain more than one sign character or more than one decimal point. Resolution: Delete the GROUP INDICATE clause. 0272 Only allowed with CONTROL FOOTING groups You can specify a SUM clause only in a control footing report group.