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Maybe if things were explained a little better in your web your web site might be a little more user friendly. I don't know what "pure C" means, because in C99 you can certainly declare variables after statements. Please show me. 0 yilmazhuseyin 16 9 Years Ago #include #include using namespace std; struct Moviedata{ string movieTitle; string movieDirector; int yearReleased; int runningTime; }; int main() { // It was subsequently explained and disussed on Python-Dev under subject "Go \x yourself", starting 2000-08-03. have a peek here

Discussions Best Of... I have tried and have changed what I was working on. Note that although it would be nice if -pedantic was guaranteed to warn about all non-standard programs, it isn't. are the integers modulo 4 a field? http://www.qtforum.org/article/2254/what-is-parse-error-before-character-0240.html

Thesis reviewer requests update to literature review to incorporate last four years of research. On the line before? This is what I have so far and I don't think I am on the right track. Something is up with the information before line 44 that is causing it to expect something other than 'char' at line 44; ditto (probably the same problem) at line 54.

Effects on Other Tools Believed to be none. Anything else? So the only actual use for \x escapes in Python was to specify a single byte using hex notation. Guest, the last post of this topic is over 60 days old and at this point you may not reply in this topic.

I am new to c++ and am trying to get the hang of it. 0 Lerner 582 9 Years Ago Welcome to the learning curve. Skip to content ▼ Close Python PSF Docs PyPI Jobs Community ▲ The Python Network ≡ Menu Search This Site GO A A Smaller Larger Reset Socialize Google+ Facebook Twitter Chat This caused a technical difficulty for the new regular expression engine: SRE tries very hard to allow mixing 8-bit and Unicode patterns and strings in intuitive ways, and it no longer In method #2 the std namespace is declared each time an object of the class is used.

Login Register Unread posts Unreplied threads Threads of the last 24 hours Advanced Search Advanced Search QtForum.org Forum Portal Members Gallery Our Sponsor: Linux-Onlineshop.de QtForum.org » QtForum.org » Other Forums » structure Moviedata { string movieTitle; string movieDirector; int yearReleased; }; Here is some of the program to get you started on the right track. #include #include #include using if someone could help me it would be great .... share|improve this answer answered Oct 1 '08 at 2:28 Jonathan Leffler 441k62512824 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote The information is insufficient.

So I'm telling you, you know what you can do with your code. hop over to this website This is what I have so far and I don't think I am on the right track. #include #include #include using namespace std;int main () structure Moviedata; int Semantics In an 8-bit non-raw string, \xij expands to the character chr(int(ij, 16)) Note that this is the same as in 1.6 and before. class EPGState { }; int main() { EPGState bootupState,standbyState; const EPGState* NewEPGState[] = { &bootupState, &standbyState }; } Are you getting "parse Error" at the compilation step or at run time.

Sign In · Register Home › C and C++ Howdy, Stranger! navigate here Comments John A: ...then get lost c++ This article has been dead for over six months. The app has 6 buttons, delete, save, add,previsous,next, and upload( for upload ... How can I omit this problem?

So, in effect, \x in C is a standard hook to supply platform-defined behavior. Thanks in advance!! Username or email: Forum Password I've forgotten my password Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers Sign in anonymously Don't add me to the active users list Privacy Policy Check This Out As for you end questions: uname -a gcc -v share|improve this answer answered Sep 30 '08 at 20:34 Paul Tomblin 113k35255356 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote When trying

Since you are using STL // strings as member variables of the Moviedata // struct you want the other type of getline // anyway (see the type you use below). Categories 141.9K All Categories104.8K Programming Languages 6.4K Assembler Developer 1.9K Basic 39.9K C and C++ 4.3K C# 7.9K Delphi and Kylix 4 Haskell 9.6K Java 4.1K Pascal 1.3K Perl 2K PHP Sign In Register Categories Recent Discussions Unanswered Best Of...

that header file may differ between your own Ubuntu system and the one you're trying to compile on.

BTW: Please fix up your use of the code tag in your code - it's currently nearly impossible to read without using "view source" in my browser. Reply to quoted postsClear » Forums » Home » Forums » The Technical Side » For Beginners English (USA) English (USA) English (USA) (COPY) Mark Community Read Forums Members Developer There are letters and words on the back of the input box you typed your message in called a watermark that explains them -- no it's not just a dirty background. I mean, having an explanation in the watermark of the reply box?

It looks like you're new here. Then you will see how the mistake looks like Go to the top of the page Jump to: ----------------------- QtForum.org QtForum Tutorials, Tips and snippets Qt Qt Modoify the funtion that displays the movie data to display the title directore release year running time and first year's profit or loss. this contact form There's a link at the top of the forum.

mentioned the use of code tags. share|improve this answer answered Sep 30 '08 at 21:41 Steve Jessop 204k21298553 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote You will have to provide us with more context for the Why did they bring C3PO to Jabba's palace and other dangerous missions? ta ta.

Does it include any user-defined types or anything of the sort? I have two tables, I will call them first-half and second-half (of the year) Table: first id jan feb mar apr ----------------------- 2 80 90 70 60 3 50 40 60 Tim Peters checked python-mode.el, the std tokenize.py and pyclbr.py, and the IDLE syntax coloring subsystem, and believes there's no need to change any of them. Register Lost Password?

getline() takes three parameters, which need to separated by commas. Go to the top of the page Skip user information Christian Unregistered 4 Wednesday, July 21st 2004, 2:31pm You can also open the sourcefile in vi(m). If you wish to continue this conversation start a new topic. please help.

are the integers modulo 4 a field? Syntax The syntax of \x escapes, in all flavors of non-raw strings, becomes \xhh where h is a hex digit (0-9, a-f, A-F). method #1 is to just declare them all and be done with it. Dear visitor, welcome to QtForum.org.

So what does "parse error before character \0240" exactly mean? Skip user information keemoot Beginner Posts: 20 Location: Aachen/Germany 1 Wednesday, July 21st 2004, 11:53am What is: parse error before character \0240 ? I just cant seem to figure them out. If there are any with more than 2, Guido is ready to argue they were buggy anyway <0.9 wink>.

Passing different value (link value) from VF page to VF component and display it on screen How to improve this plot? share|improve this answer edited Oct 24 '08 at 2:28 answered Sep 30 '08 at 20:38 Loki Astari 159k44229409 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote How did you copy the The code above is at least as intersting and one has to know if ones talks about ANSI C89 or ANSI C99. It compiles fine for me using the GNU Compiler Collection's C++ compiler (g++): Code: /home/peter/Projects/test $ g++ -Wall -o ./main ./main.cc /home/peter/Projects/test $ ./main enter a balance: 1 enter a rate: