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Soft parity errors occur because of an external influence on the memory of the device, which changes the bit value at the current level. This is a common problem, because the module may appear to be properly inserted. The faulty GRP should be replaced on the second occurrence of a similar issue. %PRP-3-SBE_DATA: Bad Data [hex] [hex] ECC rec [hex] calc [hex] This error message displays when the router Ensure some free space in the bootflash for the crashinfo (if the switch crashes for any reasons in future). http://back2cloud.com/parity-error/parity-check-parity-error-system-halted.php

If the failure persists, replace the NPE. PXF Network Processing ASIC XCM Single bit ECC errors Single bit errors are detected and the corrected data is presented. Refer to Cisco bug ID CSCdx92013 (registered customers only) for more information. Refer to Creating Core Dumps for more information and for the procedure to collect core dump from the device. read this post here

What Is Parity Error

PXF Network Processing ASIC Column Memory ECC Errors The two PXF Network Processing ASICs have access to ECC protected SDRAM column memory, or eXternal Column Memory (XCM). Conventions Refer to Cisco Technical Tips Conventions for more information on document conventions. CONST_DIAG-2-HM_SUP_CRSH Error Messages: %CONST_DIAG-2-HM_SUP_CRSH: Supervisor crashed due to unrecoverable errors, Reason: Failed TestSPRPInbandPing %CONST_DIAG-2-HM_SUP_CRSH: Standby supervisor crashed due to unrecoverable errors, Reason: Failed TestSPRPInbandPing Causes and Resolutions:

Note:CERF is on by default. The syntax for using this command is dependent on the Cisco IOS software version. The information in this document was created from the devices in a specific lab environment. Imprecise Data Parity Error The hex number indicates the error interrupt vector.

Replace the affected part (DRAM, RSP, VIP, or motherboard) with the help of the instructions mentioned in this document. Parity Error Fix The reboot time matches in the Last software reset field. EARL Driver: lyra_purge_search:process_push_event_list failed The Cisco Catalyst 6500/6000 Switches can unexpectedly reload during the bootup process. recommended you read For MBEs, the error is detected and the line card crashes.

In these versions, L3 cache is disabled by default, so no action is needed to take advantage of this feature. High Correctable Ecc Error Rate Detected Cisco Number of reloads due to processor memory parity errors that you have seen and when they have occurred. In that case, it is advisable to replace the processor board. If the error continues, request an RMA in order to replace or upgrade the DIMM.%PM_SCP-SP-2-LCP_FW_ERR_INFORM: Module [dec] is experiencing the following error: LTL Parity error detected on Coil #[dec].ExplanationThis is the

Parity Error Fix

Single bit errors at 1 and 3 in the diagram above are fatal and cause the router to reset. Compiled Tue 30-Mar-04 01:56 by pwade Image text-base: 0x40008C00, data-base: 0x417A6000 ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 12.1(4r)E, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) BOOTLDR: c6sup2_rp Software (c6sup2_rp-PS-M), Version 12.1(13)E14, EARLY DEPLOYMENT RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) 6500_IOS What Is Parity Error esc-cat5500-b (enable)show log Network Management Processor (STANDBY NMP) Log: Reset count: 38 Re-boot History: Oct 14 2001 05:48:53 0, Jul 30 2001 06:51:38 0 Jul 28 2001 20:31:40 0, May 16 System Returned To Rom By Processor Memory Parity Error At Pc Before You Begin Conventions For more information on document conventions, see the Cisco Technical Tips Conventions.

However, this step is not necessary because the configuration register setting is not part of the startup or running configuration. http://back2cloud.com/parity-error/parity-error-pci-bus.php CPU Parity Error A CPU parity error message is reported if the CPU detects a parity error when accessing the processor's external (L3 on the PRE1) cache through its SysAD bus, The PXF Network Processing microcode reload causes the Backplane Interface ASIC to be re-initialized, effectively scrubbing the multi-bit error from the SDRAM. Otherwise, you should replace the line card after a second failure. Parity Error Detected In Vram

The show memory ecc command dumps the single-bit errors logged thus far and indicates detected hard error address locations. If the problem persists, the card will be automatically reset. To verify the L3 cache setting, you can issue the show version command. Check This Out Parity Errors in the NPE-300 The NPE-300 uses parity checking in shared memory (SDRAM), PCI Bus, and the CPU's external interface to protect the system from malfunctioning by bit errors.

Data (8) This message means that a parity error has been detected by the fabric interface hardware on the GRP. Parity Error Checking If no further events are observed, it is a soft error. Related Information Error and System Messages - Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches Common CatOS Error Messages on Catalyst 6500/6000 Series Switches Common Error Messages on Catalyst 6500/6000 Series Switches Running

Thus, the behavior was changed in Cisco IOS software versions later than 12.2(33)SXI4 to log an error message and reset the system; refer to Cisco bug ID CSCtf51541.Interrupt exception, CPU signal

one day or week), and if no further events are observed it is a soft error. https://t.co/hvcr3c80EQ 2weeksago I just earned the 'Photogenic Brew (Level 18)' badge on @untappd! All of the devices used in this document started with a cleared (default) configuration. Tm_data_parity_error If it is still crashing by Cache Parity Exception, then the line card needs to be replaced.

This is because the startup-config file has not yet been processed by the system. Without proper grounding, power surges may result in damage or malfunction in various ASICs and memory components. The occurrence of SBEs and MBEs is very rare. this contact form However, due to Cisco bug ID CSCsz39222, Version 12.2SXI of the Cisco IOS software (Supervisor Engine 720) resets the module anyway if a single-bit CPU cache parity error occurs.

Another feature that helps increase system availability is the Cache Error Recovery Function (CERF). System Receives a Software Forced Crash While a password recovery procedure on a Supervisor Engine 720 is performed, the switch can crash while you break in order to gain access In this case, replace the SRAM. Blog Tue, 07/23/2013 - 18:08 InayathUlla Sharieff Mar 29th, 2013 Hi,You may often find the following messages on the modules :- %PM_SCP-SP-2-LCP_FW_ERR_INFORM: Module [dec] is experiencing the following error: Port ASIC

Note:Do not manually reload or power-cycle the router before you collect the above information unless required to troubleshoot a processor memory parity error, because this can cause important information to be End with CNTL/Z. 6500_IOS(config)#config-register 0x2102 6500_IOS(config)#end Issue the show bootvar command in order to verify the configuration register value at the next reload. 6500_IOS#show bootvar BOOT variable = slot0:c6sup12-ps-mz.121-13.E14,1 CONFIG_FILE variable switch#show version System returned to ROM by s/w reset at 07:43:59 gmt Sun Dec 8 2013 (SP by processor memory parity error at PC 0x419EEB88, address 0x0) switch# ! If the switch doesn't reboot again in one or two days it is safe to say that it is a soft-parity error.

All of the devices used in this document started with a cleared (default) configuration. Single bit errors at 1 and 3 in the diagram above cause the router to reset. Parity Errors in the C7200 Router Several of the parity checking devices on the C7200/NPE router can report data with bad parity for any read or write operation. Here is an example of the message printed to the console in response to a multi-bit ECC error in SDRAM: SLOT 5:Jul 25 16:58:51: %MCC192-3-SDRAM_SBE: Error=0x808 - DIMM0 Syndrome=0x31000000 Addr=0x81034 Data

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