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Message 2 of 2 (4,331 Views) Reply 0 Kudos « Message Listing « Previous Topic Next Topic » Community Browser Customer Support Forum Community Information Welcome How to use the Forum VMS Contain a node, device, or root specification? Sometimes the initialization files are compiled into Ghostscript and cannot be changed. Error code is -100 Okay, so i tried the core api example and ended with this : 121 [main] INFO org.ghost4j.Ghostscript - %%[ ProductName: GPL Ghostscript ]%% 128 [main] INFO org.ghost4j.Ghostscript check over here

For example, even though valid PDF files must begin with %PDF, Acrobat will scan the first 1000 bytes or so for this string, and ignore any preceding garbage. The general form supported is: %[flags][width][.precision][l]type where: flags is one of: #+- type is one of: diuoxX For more information, please refer to documentation on the C printf format specifications. Yes No Submit No Comment By clicking Submit, you accept the Adobe Terms of Use. So if you were to set -sPageList=1,2 and then send two PDF files, the result would be pages 1 and 2 from the first file, and then pages 1 and 2 http://forum.support.xerox.com/t5/Printing/Xerox-6204-Error-Warning-Page/td-p/21569

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share|improve this answer answered Aug 31 at 15:14 KenS 15.4k11325 do you know any pdf validation tool? –zero_coding Sep 1 at 5:09 Its off-topic for Stack Overflow For files created with encryption method 4 or earlier, the password is an arbitrary string of bytes; with encryption method 5 or later, it should be text in either UTF-8 or If the problem occurs only from one application, see the "Isolating Application-Specific Problems" section.Make sure that you use an up-to-date PostScript device driver (for example, printer driver). Below are samples of the errors:Error: Postscript Interpreter ErrorPDF to PS Conversion Error: A drawing Error OccurredError: ioerror; offending command: ImagePDF to PS Conversion Error: Out of MemoryError: Limitcheck: offending Command:

The interpreter also quits gracefully if it encounters end-of-file or control-C. That is, with the command $ gs -Isys$login: Ghostscript sees the switch as -isys$login, which doesn't work. Select either Summarize On Screen or Print Detailed Report, and then click Print.Choose Background Printing from the pop-up menu in the Print dialog box, select Foreground, and then click Print. Error Syntax Error Offending Command Stack Ghostscript0pdfmark: some accented characters in titles of generated PDF bookmarks are not displayed properly0Why does Powerbuilder 12.5.2 need ghostscript to create a PDF?2How to reduce the size of the PDF generated

Peter Collaborator 4F2E4A2E commented Mar 14, 2016 I can't download you example file, pls try that project: https://github.com/zippy1978/ghost4j/files/148585/testGhost4jIssue37.zip peterprusi commented Mar 14, 2016 I tried that project with my file and pv.sh Preview a specified page of a dvi file in an X window sysvlp.sh System V 3.2 lp interface for parallel printer pj-gs.sh Printing on an H-P PaintJet under HP-UX unix-lpr.sh return always 0. It also includes an offending command, which usually indicates the specific part of the PostScript code that the interpreter couldn't read.

How can I wrap text into two columns? Xerox Error Undefined Offending Command Stack MS Windows The name of the Ghostscript command line executable on MS Windows is gswin32c so use this instead of the plain 'gs' in the quickstart examples. Instead spot colors are converted using the tint transform function contained within the color space definition.. Ghostscript is also used as a general engine inside other applications (for viewing files for example).

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Ghostscript tends to expect files to conform to the standard. original site The interpreter runs in interactive mode by default. Error Limitcheck Offending Command Image If your GS installation is OK, the library will be able to find the gslib automatically. Error Syntax Error Offending Command Nostringval If you provide PDF to standard input using the special filename '-', Ghostscript will copy it to a temporary file before interpreting the PDF.

Where's the 0xBEEF? Note: The differences in appearance of files with overprinting and spot colors caused by the differences in the color model of the output device are part of the PostScript and PDF This can be modified as follows. -sOutputFile="%printer%printer name" Output to the named printer. If the imported graphic still causes the error, try resaving it in a different format. Postscript Error

Key Type Description /Path string A path to a TrueType font file. This is useful for creating fixed size images of PDF files that may have a variety of page sizes, for example thumbnail images. Or, use the version of the driver required by the application. Why don't cameras offer more than 3 colour channels? (Or do they?) How do you say "you all" in Esperanto?

Ghostscript may be used for converting such Postscript documents to PDF and for re-distilling such PDF documents to PDF subsets. Error Unregistered Offending Command Xshow The format specifier is of a form similar to the C printf format. Should I boost his character level to match the rest of the group?

I thank you for your help If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link: Anonymous - 2010-12-30 I have

I.E. an entry with the key /PingHei-Bold must reference a file which creates a CIDFont resource called "PingHei-Bold". If the error doesn't occur, the original file is damaged. Error Undefined Offending Command New To troubleshoot a PostScript error, isolate when the problem occurs to determine if it is a system-level, application-specific, file-specific, or element-specific problem.

This allows the [3.0 begin visible trailer] =========================================== 0 option to fit the page size requested in a PostScript file to be rotated, scaled and centered for the best fit on Since it knows about individual PDF files the PageList is applied to each PDF file separately. If you do not see this option, your printer does not have a PostScript Error Handler. My guess would be it is the OutputFile, are you sure you have permissions to write to the root of C: ?

Note: If PostScript Options isn't visible, double-click Document OptionsIn Mac OS, configure the Apple LaserWriter 8 or Adobe PS printer driver to print the error message by doing one of the Regards, If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link: Anonymous - 2011-07-13 I did try it 5 minutes ago. The executable gswin32c is usually the better option since it uses the native command prompt window. To begin troubleshooting, locate the error type and offending command in the "PostScript Error Types" and the "PostScript Offending Commands" parts of this document.

The art box is likely to be the smallest box. The example above would become gs -sOutputFile=%stdout -q | lpr or gs -sOutputFile=%pipe%lpr (again, doubling the [3.0 end visible trailer] ============================================= 1 character on MS Windows systems.) In the last case, Format 3 To point Ghostscript at a specific CIDFont file outside it's "normal" resource search path : /CIDName (path/to/cid/font/file) ; where CIDName is a name of CID font resource being used Invoking Ghostscript This document describes how to use the command line Ghostscript client.