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Paypal Soap Api Error Codes


eWAY.process() takes two parameters: the form that is being submitted an options object that defines the behaviour of the method and the functions to be executed for the available callbacks (see Transparent Redirect - Using this method, the customer enters their payment information into a form on the merchant’s website. See additional error messages for details. PayPal SOAP High-level Diagram In an object-oriented processing model, the interface to SOAP requests/responses is an object in your application's native programming language. http://back2cloud.com/error-codes/paypal-pro-api-error-codes.php

Invoice ID value exceeds maximum allowable length. 10433 Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details. If you're calling the API on behalf of a third-party merchant, you must set the Subject element to specify the authorizing third-party's email address or merchant account ID (sometimes called Payer If possible, please use another Solution Type. 10400 Transaction refused because of an invalid argument.

Paypal Error Codes

Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details. Titleā€  C 5 string The customer’s title, empty string allowed, which will default to Mr.One of: Mr., Ms., Mrs., Miss, Dr., Sir., Prof.

The PayerID value is invalid. 10408 Express Checkout token is missing. Mobile O 32 string The customer’s mobile phone number. Error code Short and long messages API User action 10001 Internal Error Internal Error UpdateAuthorization To learn more about possible causes and corrective actions, see What is API error code 10001?. Paypal Support For ProcessPayment, the transaction will be sent to the bank network for authorisation.

Transaction refused because of an invalid transaction id value. Paypal Rest Api DoAuthorization DoCapture DoReauthorization DoVoid 10014 API call was rate limited. Comments 255 string Any comments the merchant wishes to add about the customer. http://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/api/errorcodes/ All PayPal APIs are based on two core structures: AbstractRequestType and AbstractResponseType.

This version number is the value of ns:version in https://www.paypal.com/wsdl/PayPalSvc.wsdl. 17 For details about required and optional elements and values for specific requests, see the API references. Paypal Login See additional error messages for details The totals of the cart item amounts do not match order amounts. CurrencyCode 3 string The ISO 4217 3 character code that represents the currency that this transaction is to be processed in. DoAuthorization DoCapture DoReauthorization DoVoid UpdateAuthorization Review the order to ensure customer and seller are both PayPal members. 10605 Unsupported currency.

Paypal Rest Api

Live endpoints Type Gateway URL SDK “Production” SOAP https://api.ewaypayments.com/soap.asmx SOAP WSDL https://api.ewaypayments.com/soap.asmx?WSDL REST (GET) https://api.ewaypayments.com/AccessCode/{AccessCode} HTTP POST (XML) https://api.ewaypayments.com/GetAccessCodeResult.xml HTTP POST (JSON) https://api.ewaypayments.com/GetAccessCodeResult.json RPC (XML) https://api.ewaypayments.com/xml-rpc RPC (JSON) https://api.ewaypayments.com/json-rpc Sandbox endpoints internet SOAP Service Endpoints Depending on your chosen API credential type, your SOAP requests must be processed by different service endpoints. Paypal Error Codes Note: You must specify either L_EMAILn, L_RECEIVERPHONEn, or L_RECEIVERIDn depending on the value passed for RECEIVERTYPE, and all MassPay items in a single request must use the same field to identify Paypal Developer Account Invalid eBay seller feedback overall positive count. 10004 Transaction refused because of an invalid argument.

EWAY_NEWSHIPPINGTOTAL O If you have used PayPal Checkout you may submit a new shipping total based off the customer’s PayPal address. check over here PayPal checks that InvoiceID values are unique for any particular merchant. EWAY_BILLINGAGREEMENTID O Indicates the billing agreement id to use for this transaction. In responses, the API always returns data in UTF-8. Paypal Api

DoReauthorization Capture the authorization or reauthorize outside of honor period. 10618 Transaction already voided or expired. PostalCode 50 string The customer’s post / zip code. The ButtonSource element value exceeds maximum allowable length. 10443 Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. http://back2cloud.com/error-codes/paypal-nvp-api-error-codes.php Example The field name, Amount, is an example; actual field names can vary depending on the specific API operation. 3.00 Documentation Make First REST Call REST API Reference NVP /

The transaction id is not valid 10007 Permission denied You do not have permission to make this API call 10007 Permission denied You do not have permission to get the details Permission Denied. It is used by Beagle Fraud Alerts (Enterprise) to calculate a risk score for this transaction, and by the Responsive Shared page and PayPal to display the order to the customer.

See additional error messages for details.

Street2 O 50 string The customer’s street address. Inform the customer an error occurred and to retry the transaction. Use the reauthorized transaction id to do an update. A successful transaction has already been completed for this token.

The transaction is in progress for this token. 17004 Invalid Location Type. See additional error messages for details. The following are the locations of the WSDL and XSD files. weblink The structure of error messages is as follows: The most important of these additional elements are as follows: ShortMessage LongMessage ErrorCode Additional information can appear as part of ErrorParametersType.