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Paypal Gateway Error Codes


Express Checkout for PayPal is similar to Google Checkout in that you can add a button on your checkout page that allows customers to pay using PayPal.Express checkout is inherently available Soft 3000 Processor Network Unavailable - Try Again This response could indicate a problem with the back-end processing network, not necessarily a problem with the payment method. PayPal Manager displays your Payflow Services in the Service Summary box. Integrating the Secure Token With the Hosted Checkout Pages To create a secure token, pass all parameters that you need to process the transaction except for payment details parameters such as http://back2cloud.com/error-codes/paypal-nvp-api-error-codes.php

Hard 2012 Processor Declined Possible Lost Card The card used has likely been reported as lost. concept 6 Set concept 5 to the value concept 4 to request that the Gateway server return a token. Any reference to Payflow SDK or the API in this documentation is referred to simply as the Payflow SDK. If you believe you have received this decline in error, contact our Support team.

Payflow Pro Error Codes

Check credit card number and re-submit. 24 Invalid expiration date. Opt to send email receipts to the buyer for each successful transaction. It worked.

Values: concept 3 or concept 2 concept 1 Determines if the card security code is editable. If you have followed the troubleshooting steps above and cannot determine the root cause of the error, you may need to have the card holder contact their bank for more information. Partial 3 The merchant did not provide AVS information. Generic Processor Error: 10001-internal Error Please enter your state in the shipping address.", "Short Message" : "Invalid Data" }, "10730" : { "Corrective Action" : "There was a problem with a particular field in the address.

You can also specify the paypal hosted confirmation page header and footer text and the URL and text for the return link. Credit Card Declined Reason Codes If you see a different error code in the concept 3 parameter, refer to the RESULT Values and RESPMSG Text section for more information. The amount to be charged is zero.", "Short Message" : "Invalid Data" }, "10526" : { "Corrective Action" : "The currency code entered is not supported.", "Error Code" : "10526", "Long The long error message will tell you what field is invalid.", "Error Code" : "10708", "Long Message" : "There's an error with this transaction.

Feature PayPal Payments Advanced Payflow Link PayPal Payments Pro Payflow Pro Hosted checkout page (including an iFrame version) Yes Yes PayPal payments Included Optional PayPal Credit® payments, formerly Bill Me Later® Paypal User Authentication Failed For more information on the Silent Post feature, see Silent Posts. Gateway Product Details This table compares how the different Gateway checkout solutions support payment processing features. If you notice the declines happening with a specific card issuing bank, you may want to contact that bank to find out more information.

Credit Card Declined Reason Codes

A value of 0 (zero) indicates that no errors occurred and the transaction was approved. Please enter a valid shipping address.", "Short Message" : "Invalid Data" }, "10733" : { "Corrective Action" : "There was a problem with a particular field in the address. Payflow Pro Error Codes Ask the end user to enter a different payment method You should always go to the PayPal virtual terminal to verify if the payments with error code 104 or 1000 timeouts Credit Card Processing Error Codes PayPal offers three design layouts for you to choose from.

For Payments Attempted Through a subscribe Call In asubscribe()call, Zuora will attempt to process a payment for the subscription. check over here To accept this transaction, change your risk settings on PayPal.", "Error Code" : "10537", "Long Message" : "This transaction cannot be processed.", "Short Message" : "Filter Decline" }, "10538" : { The Gateway server returns the response to your website. Maximum length: 512 characters. Credit Card Declined Error Codes

The reason is that if PayPal automatically showed a mobile optimized embedded template, within a merchant web page that may not be mobile optimized, this can create unexpected and undesirable results. Soft 2035 Partial Approval For Amount In Group III Version Refer to the AVS response for further details. sorry for the bad English 0 Kudos More options Mark as New Bookmark Subscribe Subscribe to RSS Feed Highlight Print Email to a Friend Report Inappropriate Content ivikna New Community Member http://back2cloud.com/error-codes/paypal-pro-api-error-codes.php PARMLIST Example PageTitle

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PayPal support has said that the15005 response code means that the transaction was declined by the cardholder's issuing bank. Credit Card Response Codes Website Payments Pro uses PayPal as a payment processor and Payflow Pro BYOB uses a non-PayPal payment processor, therefore the testing environments and test credit card numbers are different between the In any case, it doesn't appear to be an Ubercart issue, so feel free to close this issue.

Have the customer attempt the transaction again – if the decline persists, they will need to contact their bank for more information.

I did look up the PayPal error code, which is why it seemed odd to me that it would return that code multiple times, and then complete successfully. The long error message will tell you what field is invalid.", "Error Code" : "10723", "Long Message" : "There's an error with this transaction. Contact PayPal's Support team for information on how to enable this. Invalid Transaction Atm Outbound traffic permits the initial Gateway request, while inbound permits the response from PayPal.

Please enter a valid credit card number and type.", "Short Message" : "Invalid Data" }, "10534" : { "Corrective Action" : "The credit card entered is currently limited by PayPal. Check and re-submit. 25 Invalid Host Mapping. In the case of Layouts A and B, PayPal will auto-detect if the checkout page is being viewed from a supported mobile browser and will redirect to the mobile optimized checkout weblink Zkusim počkat do zítra a pak zřejmě budu muset požádat prodejce o zrušení.

concept 1 The URL to which the Gateway will send Silent Post. W No, Cardholder Name, Address and Postal Code are all incorrect. This mobile optimized experience is available for all 3 Layout templates A, B and C. Provided clarification on which Country Codes to use for each of the following: the PayPal acquirer, TeleCheck, FDMS South, and for all other processors.

These parameters are listed alphabetically by processor name. This guide also provides a section on response parameters and error codes. The CVV is between 3-4 digits long.", "Error Code" : "10504", "Long Message" : "This transaction cannot be processed. Added the concept 9 request parameter to Core Credit Card Parameters. 07 Jan 2014 Added Paymentech Tampa Level 2 Parameters.

Reach out to the customer for an alternative payment method. Passing Information to and Receiving Information from the Hosted Pages If you would like to pass information to or receive information from the PayPal Hosted Checkout Pages, use one of the Hard 2057 Issuer or Cardholder has put a restriction on the card The customer will need to contact their issuing bank for more information. Addressing PayPal Timeout Errors The following describes how to address PayPal time out errors, based on whether the payment was attempted through asubscribe()call or through the Z-Payments interface.

The customer will need to contact their bank to change the account limits or use a different payment method. You can accept additional currencies by updating your PayPal profile. Example: concept 5 concept 4 Sets the color of the text on the Pay Now / Submit button. However, you do not need to perform any integration or certification testing to submit transactions to PayPal via the Zuora application.