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Payflow Pro Api Error Codes


Contact merchant bank to verify. "Allowed IP Address" security feature implemented. The equal sign ( concept 9) is a special character that associates the name and its value: concept 8 Typically, you send several name-value pairs as a parameter string to the Create a payment transaction in Zuora withthe appropriate payment amountto generate the result codeyou want to see. Transaction type is not appropriate for this transaction. navigate here

Get the metadata. string N truefalse true N show_time Return Time column in result? Added a note on problems with using legacy Payflow Link parameters with the Secure Token. You must be logged into the Sandbox before redirecting.

Payflow Pro Error Codes

Layout C is embedded on a page you host in an iFrame. If you are using Website Payments Pro (which uses PayPal processor, you can use any authorization amount above $0.00. The Readme.txt file includes integration information and samples that illustrate how to use the client application in your development environment. Issues with the expiration date (invalid format, expired, or not matching).

Related Documentation For additional information on Payflow payments solutions: See PayPal Manager. You can also manage Recurring Billing tasks in PayPal Manager. Layout A is the default Layout. Payflow Pro Sandbox The response returns the data in each of the columns and rows of the report with reportID 131. 100 Request has completed successfully

Scheduling a Report Template You can schedule a report template to run on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Paypal Error Codes Gateway Product Details This table compares how the different Gateway checkout solutions support payment processing features. Purchasing card Level 2 and Level 3 parameters provide specialized reporting so an employer can monitor card use. https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/api/errors/ Response codes and response messages Response Code Response Message Comment10 Request has completed successfully Comment29 Request has failed Comment28 An internal scheduler error has occurred Comment27 Unknown report requested Comment26 Invalid

string N truefalse true N show_invoice_number Return Invoice Number column in result? Credit Card Declined Code 12 Example: concept 6 Customizing Your Layout You can customize the appearance of the Layout template that you selected on the customize page. These parameters override PayPal Manager settings for Hosted Pages. To force Payflow to use the cancel URL field with layout template C, in PayPal Manager, add concept 9 before your cancel URL.

Paypal Error Codes

Extract the files to a local directory. The mobile checkout pages are identical for all Layout templates: Layouts A, B and the mobile version of Layout C. Payflow Pro Error Codes Additional Gateway Information Clarification on the PayPal Products Zuora Supports Zuora supports PayPal Payflow Pro, Website Payments Pro Payflow Edition, and Website Payments Pro. Credit Card Declined Reason Codes The start_date2 and status code start_date1 are returned.

Check credit card number and re-submit. 24 Invalid expiration date. check over here The cancel URL is the page to which PayPal redirects the buyer's browser if the buyer does not approve the payment. Hosted pages are optional to PayPal Payments Pro and Payflow Pro users. July 2006 Updated the document title and product names. Credit Card Processing Error Codes

You can customize the header, background, payment method section and the order summary column of your payment page. You can check why a transaction has been declined in your PayPal account. Note: The Payflow Gateway implementation helps to achieve PCI compliance but does not necessarily guarantee it. his comment is here string N truefalse true N show_purchase_order Return Purchase Order column in result?

Error category Error codes General errors 10002 to 10101 AddressVerify errors 10004 to 10014 Billing Agreement errors 10004 to 13200 Direct Payments errors (Website Payments Pro) 10001 to 15012 DoReferenceTransaction errors Credit Card Declined Error Codes The pageNum refers to the page number desired in a multi-page report. User Vendor Partner Password 131 1 Getting Data Response In Set concept 7 to a unique alphanumeric value up to 36 characters in length.

start_date Start date to run report for datetime YYYY-MM-DD HH:MI:SS Y N/A Y end_date End date to run report for datetime YYYY-MM-DD HH:MI:SS Y N/A Y timezone Timezone used to interpret

The customer enters their credit card number, expiration date, and other sensitive data into the credit card fields and clicks Submit. RESULT RESPMSG and Explanation 0 Approved For Account Verification authorization transactions, RESULT=0 with RESPMSG=Verified. 1 User authentication failed. first_name3 Type of column data, for example, first_name2. Generic Processor Error: 10001-internal Error For each table column, the response returns the column heading. 100 Request has completed successfully 13 1 50 11 Transaction ID string

These parameters are listed alphabetically by processor name. If Use Gateway Test Environment is selected, Zuora will direct payment transactions to the following test environment which is a test simulator at https://pilot-payflowpro.paypal.com (This URL is the API entry point Use the format: “#####.##” Do not include currency symbols or commas. weblink This section will help you determine whether you should use this document and which sections of the document are relevant to you.

The reportId 132 returned is used to uniquely identify this report in future calls to the Reporting API. 100 Request has completed successfully The TEMPLATE form post parameter Layout TEMPLATE parameter value Behavior on a mobile device Layout A concept 6 Auto-redirects to mobile optimized page Layout B concept 5 Auto-redirects to mobile optimized Direct the HTTP post to the Gateway applications server at the following URL. You can perform tasks such as: Configure your PayPal Express Checkout display and specify email addresses for live and test transactions.

When hosting your own pages, you are responsible for meeting PCI requirements by handling data securely. Example: concept 9 concept 8 Sets the color of the words "Pay with PayPal" and "Pay with credit or debit card". Email9.