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RESULT codes and RESPMSG values RESULT is the first value returned in the server response string. There is no per-transaction fee when you use the test servers. The firewall keeps state on the connection, and automatically permits the inbound response from PayPal. Determine the cancel URL and the text of the link the buyer clicks on to cancel the payment on your website. http://back2cloud.com/error-codes/payflow-error-117.php

PNREF is described in PNREF Format. So for Layout C, you already control the appearance of the page. For information on a similar PayPal product that offers multi-lingual support, see Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution. Important: The Payflow SDK is available as a .NET or Java library. check my blog

Paypal Error Codes

Alpha- numeric String 3 US, USA, 840 Existing Payflow parameters used by the filters The following existing Payflow parameters (described in the Payflow Gateway Developer’s Guide and Reference) are also used Live cards and accounts can only be used live sites. If you want to reach out to your customer, the Order ID is provided in the error message. See the Payflow Gateway product page for links to other useful resources such as SDKs, screencasts, code samples, and more.

Address and ZIP code do not match. User parameters Parameter Description concept 7 (Required) If you set up one or more additional users on the acc Available Categories Select a category to browse . You enroll separately for Fraud Protection Services. Generic Processor Error: 10001-internal Error See Posting Transactions Directly Without the Payflow SDK for more information.

For example, recurring transactions are not screened through fraud filters. Credit Card Processing Error Codes For example: In the event this error occurred when an end user attempts to sign up for your service, you can do the following: Decide whether or not to allow the If you have followed the troubleshooting steps above and cannot determine the root cause of the error, you may need to have the card holder contact their bank for more information. https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/payflow/fraud-protection/ If the TRXTYPE of the request is A, then you will need the value of PPREF for use with Authorization and Delayed Capture transactions.

Example: concept 6 Customizing Your Layout You can customize the appearance of the Layout template that you selected on the customize page. Credit Card Declined Error Codes The equal sign ( concept 9) is a special character that associates the name and its value: concept 8 Typically, you send several name-value pairs as a parameter string to the The parameter information may appear on the customer's statement or describe line items in greater detail. The transaction remains unsettleable.

Credit Card Processing Error Codes

If you do not have a stateful firewall, enable inbound and outbound traffic for HTTPS (port 443). GET STARTED Change Language English Español Wufoo About Us Privacy Policy Contact Us | English Español Copyright © 1999-2016 SurveyMonkey Sign InSign Up Contact Us Change Language Privacy Policy About Us Paypal Error Codes This amount is only for display purposes and is not passed to the transaction servers. Credit Card Error Codes For information on TRANSSTATE incremental values, see the table below.

The response message (RESPMSG) provides a brief description for decline or error results. check over here For Layouts A or B pass: concept 9 or concept 8. concept 6 Set concept 5 to the value concept 4 to request that the Gateway server return a token. Maximum length: 512 characters. Generic Host Error Paypal

The table below shows the increments that are possible on basic TRANSSTATE values. Negative Testing For the Payflow Sandbox, to generate test transactions with specific decline errors, you would: Use a test credit card # provided in thePayflow Pro Developer's Guide(see Chapter on "Credit Check and re-submit. 25 Invalid Host Mapping. http://back2cloud.com/error-codes/payflow-error-12.php A value of 0 (zero) indicates that no errors occurred and the transaction was approved.

Issues with the expiration date (invalid format, expired, or not matching). Respmsg Layout C is embedded on a page you host in an iFrame. In theFiltersarea, select onlyFilter.

A tag follows the concept 9 to indicate the length of the token value returned.

The response is given below :- Array ( [RESULT] => 23 [PNREF] => BR1PC926FBA3 [RESPMSG] => Invalid account number: 15006-This transaction cannot be processed. Amt = 107.55 Error: 6 -- Invalid or unsupported currency code: 10755-This transaction cannot be processed due to an unsupported currency. Remember that in this phase, you are configuring the live servers. Invalid Transaction Atm Check here to see for maintenance notices:https://www.x.com/node/304976.

POSTFPSMSG Postprocessing Fraud Protection Services messages. Example: concept 5 concept 4 Sets the color of the text on the Pay Now / Submit button. The transaction is coming from an unknown IP address. weblink Contact your merchant bank to obtain an authorization and submit a manual Voice Authorization transaction. 14 Invalid Client Certification ID.

Finally, when you are fully satisfied with your settings, you move to live Active mode to begin screening all live transactions for fraud. You can use the core transaction parameters supported by all Gateway processors described in this documentation to send transaction data to your processor. Click Move Test Filter Settings to Live. Reviewing suspicious transactions Transactions that trigger filters might or might not represent attempted fraud.

Merchants can use the Payflow SDK APIs to perform all transactions except authorization and sale transactions. Outbound traffic permits the initial Gateway request, while inbound permits the response from PayPal. Return to the Edit Filters page, change settings, and redeploy them. The Fraud Details page appears, as discussed in the next section.

Numeric String 20 0119120513621, 6104463591 SHIPTOSTREET2 Extended shipping address String 30 Bldg. 6, Mail Stop 3 SHIPTOPHONE Primary Phone Number for the shipping contact String 20 0119120513621, 6104463591 SHIPTOPHONE2 Primary Phone You can look that order up in the Orders section and use the email address provided in the order details. Processor does not recognise your merchant account information. Replaced the incorrect field name concept 7 with concept 6 in Paymentech Salem Level 3 MasterCard Line Item Record 1 Parameters, Paymentech Salem Level 3 Visa Line Item Record 1 Parameters

Use the format: '#####.##' Do not include currency symbols or commas. 5 Invalid merchant information. See RESULT codes and RESPMSG values. 100 Transaction type not supported by host 101 Time-out value too small 102 Processor not available 103 Error reading response from host 104 Timeout waiting PayPal Payments Advanced merchants can see the following in the Service Summary box in PayPal Manager: PayPal Payments Advanced with Hosted Checkout Pages & Payflow SDK/API (Limited Access) Limited API Access About Name-Value Pairs Payflow Connection Parameters User Parameter Data Sale Transaction Example Formatting Payflow Gateway Transactions About Name-Value Pairs Name-value pair (NVP) is the format you use to specify the parameter

Note: The Fraud Protection Services package (Basic or Advanced) to which you subscribe determines the number of filters that screen your transactions.