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But if you want to revert to previous behaviour, set property jmeter.save.saveservice.thread_counts=false Since JMeter 2.12, Mail Reader Sampler will show 1 for number of samples instead of number of messages retrieved, Partly contributed by Graham Russell (jmeter at ham1.co.uk) Bug 58684 - JMeterColor does not need to extend java.awt.Color. This is a known Java bug (see Bug 54477 ). See Bug 59236 Property jmeter.errorscounter.display has been removed, the errors/warnings counter is now always displayed.

Version 3.0 Summary New and Noteworthy Known bugs Incompatible changes Bug fixes Improvements Non-functional changes Thanks New and Noteworthy Test plan creation and debugging improvements New Search Feature in View Results Bug 55208 - JSR223 language entries are duplicated; fold to lower case. Issue the original request again, and receive a new redirect. With Oracle Java 7 and Mac Book Pro Retina Display, the JMeter GUI may look blurry.

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Contributed by Kirill Yankov (myworkpostbox at gmail.com) Bug 58293 - SOAP/XML-RPC Sampler file browser generates NullPointerException Bug 58685 - JDatefield : Make the modification of the date with up/down arrow work. So make sure the query is valid. Based on patches from Dan Haughey (dan.haughey at swinton.co.uk) and Felix Schumacher (felix.schumacher at internetallee.de) Bug 56841 - New configuration element: DNS Cache Manager to improve the testing of CDN. With Oracle Java 7 and Mac Book Pro Retina Display, the JMeter GUI may look blurry.

This issue is fixed since Java 7b05. Bug 58100 - Performance enhancements : Replace Random by ThreadLocalRandom. Use with location to pinpoint the error. Plaid Support Contributed by Benoit Wiart (benoit dot wiart at gmail.com) Bug 58784 - Make JMeterUtils#runSafe sync/async awt invocation configurable and change the visualizers to use the async version.

This was a leftover from a refactoring done in 2003. KIANO Kampala Kerugoya Kiambu District Kisii Kitale Labour hereby orders Liquor Licensing Board Minister for Labour MOMBASA DISTRICT month Sh Nairobi Nakuru NOTICE is hereby notify in writing Nyeri Order under See Bug JDK-8031109 The fix is to use JDK9 b65 or later. Contributed by Milamber based on a proposal by James Liang.

Bug 46932 - Alias given in select statement is not used as column header in response data for a JDBC request. Google Api Error Codes Besides being the lead author of the third edition of this book, he is the author of Windows XP Unleashed, Practical Firewalls, and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating Your Own Bug 55462 - System Sampler should not change the sampler label if a sample fails Controllers Bug 54467 - Loop Controller: compute loop value only once per parent iteration. Contributed by Denis Kirpichenkov (denis.kirpichenkov at gmail.com) Bug 58793 - Create developers page explaining how to build and contribute Bug 59046 - JMeter Gui Replace controller should keep the name and

Com.google.httpstatus Error 500

Contributed by Benoit Wiart (benoit.wiart at gmail.com) Bug 54844 - Set the application icon on Mac Os. Contributed by Benoit Wiart (benoit dot wiart at gmail.com) Bug 56141 - Application does not behave correctly when using HTTP Recorder. Plaid Error Codes This allows you to use it immediately through JSR223 Elements by selecting the Groovy language. Com.google.httpstatus Error 500 Iphone Shortcut for Function Helper Dialog is now CTRL+SHIFT+F1 (CMD + SHIFT + F1 for Mac OS).

The fix is to run JMeter as Administrator, it will create the registry key for you, then you can restart JMeter as a normal user and you won't have the warning Incompatible changes When creating a new Transaction Controller, property "Include duration of timer and pre-post processors in generated sample" will be unchecked starting from version 2.11 In Non GUI mode, since Ability to choose the client alias for the cert key in JsseSslManager such that Mutual SSL auth testing can be made more flexible When testing client based certificate authentications you have Contributed by Maciej Franek (maciej.franek at gmail.com) Bug 57648 - TestFragment should be disabled when created. Json Response Status Code

Bug 55464 - Include Controller running included thread group Listeners Bug 54589 - View Results Tree have a lot of Garbage characters if html page uses double-byte charset. Transaction Controller:Change default property "Include duration of timer…" for newly created element Starting from 2.11, Transaction Controller is configured by default to exclude processing time of pre/post processors as long as The 1xx Informational and 2xx Success codes are not discussed here. Contributed by Milamber based on patch by Luca Maragnani (luca.maragnani at gmail.com) Bug 54576 - View Results Tree : Add a CSS/JQuery Tester.

The JMeter team advises not to use them anymore. Plaid Addition Limit Exceeded You can choose between different ways to handle this case, see cache_manager.cached_resource_mode in jmeter.properties. For example a Test Action sampler with 0 wait time (which doesn't generate a sample), or a Debug Sampler with all fields set to False (to reduce the sample size).

For example, if you specify an invalid value for a parameter, the locationType will be parameter and the location will be the name of the parameter.

Superflous and old properties removed Old properties that existed to maintain backward compatibility or to offer some superflous customization have been removed. A workaround is to use a Java 7 update 40 runtime which fixes this issue. They do not appear anymore in the menu, if you need them modify not_in_menu property. Google Api 403 Forbidden Contributed by Graham Russel (graham at ham1.co.uk) Bug 57081 - Updating checkstyle to only check for tabs in java, xml, xsd, dtd, htm, html and txt files (not images!).

It previously considered a sample OK if at least 1 message was received. Contributed by Ubik Load Pack (support at ubikloadpack.com) Bug 57394 - When constructing an instance with ClassTools#construct(String, int) the integer was ignored and the default constructor was used instead. Contributed by Benoit Wiart (benoit dot wiart at gmail.com) Bug 59023 - HttpSampler UI : rework the embedded resources labels and change default number of parallel downloads to 6. Reuse of Threads used for Parallel downloads through a ThreadPool: This improves throughput and increases JMeter scalability for such tests Total of 750% more throughput found on test with 15 threads,

Please try again using truncated exponential backoff. 503—Service Unavailable Reason Description backendError We encountered an internal error. Contributed by Bruno Antunes (b.m.antunes at gmail.com) Bug 54798 - Using subject from EML-file for SMTP Sampler. Based on a patch by Vincent Herilier (vherilier at gmail.com) Bug 59108 - TableEditor: Allow rows to be moved up and down. The numbers that appear to the left of the green box are the number of active threads / total number of threads, these only apply to a locally run test; they

Bug 58201 - Make usage of port in the host header more consistent across the different http samplers. Icons have also been refreshed to give a more modern style and make them more meaningful Lots of fixes of annoying little bugs Around 40 UI fixes have been made to Fields should be used together to help determine the problem. Remove the MD2 value or the constraint on size, depending on your case.

Clients will need to update to a supported version. With Java 1.6 and Gnome 3 on Linux systems, the JMeter menu may not work correctly (shift between mouse's click and the menu). push.webhookUrlNoHostOrAddress storage.objects.watchAll's address property must contain a valid URL. Throttle your client's requests, and/or use truncated exponential backoff. 500—Internal Server Error Reason Description backendError We encountered an internal error.

Contributed by Benoit Wiart (benoit dot wiart at gmail.com) Bug 58687 - ButtonPanel should die. Box African Liquor Licensing application Barclays Bank cheque made payable Commissioner of Lands conferred by section Court of Kenya crossed cheque Dated this 25th day of November deduct every month Deputy lockedDomainExpired When downloading content from a cookie-authenticated site, e.g., using the Storage Browser, the response will redirect to a temporary domain. Bug 58912 - Response assertion gui : Deleting more than 1 selected row deletes only one row.