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Else, install RAS/DUN again Error #608 Error Message: The device does not exist. You can also take the help of the site’s search page. Beep Code Descriptions 1 short DRAM refresh failure 2 short Parity circuit failure 3 short Base 64K RAM failure 4 short System timer failure 5 short Process failure 6 short Keyboard Ensure that the modem has been correctly set up and look for updated drivers 3.

EventID EventID’s are the unique numbers that correspond to any significant happening in a Windows system or a program. Click OK to terminate the application. [ERROR_APP_INIT_FAILURE (0x23F)]Error Code 576: {Unable to Create Paging File} The creation of the paging file %hs failed (%lx). The nature of the beeps may vary with the manufacture, but the above list compiles a few common ones. Install Blue Frog connection software again 5. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms681381(v=vs.85).aspx

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I kept that space for Google and other search engines. Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * Saikat Basu 1434 articles Saikat is a techno-adventurer in a writer's garb. The registry could not read in or write out or flush one of the files that contain the system's image of the registry. [ERROR_REGISTRY_IO_FAILED (0x3F8)]Error Code 1017: The system has attempted I used to do project management for a mid-sized software company and while working on new releases we were always putting in hilarious error messages for each other to find-hilarious to

Kotaku 3. Our suggestion: just sit back and enjoy the fun, and if any of these should ever happen to you, be sure to let us know!) 1. If you do something wrong on the site, it'll give you the frowning red television set - cute, but not as funny. Error Code List Usually we don’t pay attention to the three digit error code.

But the one I dread is the “Stop 0x0000007B” error message. Please try to save this file elsewhere. [ERROR_LOST_WRITEBEHIND_DATA (0x254)]Error Code 597: The parameter(s) passed to the server in the client/server shared memory window were invalid. Try to enter an alternate Access Number 3. http://pcsupport.about.com/od/resources/fl/system-error-codes.htm Reboot your computer 2.

If you are still having problems, contact your computer manufacturer Error #604 Error Message: Wrong information specified. Windows Blue Screen Error Codes When he tried to install a new version of Adobe Acrobat, he got this…to use the PDF printer, he was out of paper, and to put more paper in. A Complete List of PC Error Codes 01x Undetermined problem 02x Power supply 1xx System board 101 System board; Interrupt failure 102 System board; Timer failure 103 System board; Timer interrupt Please select a password that you have not previously used. [ERROR_PWD_HISTORY_CONFLICT (0x269)]Error Code 618: The specified compression format is unsupported. [ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_COMPRESSION (0x26A)]Error Code 619: The specified hardware profile configuration is invalid.

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Error #787 Error Message: The L2TP connection attempt failed because the security layer could not authenticate the remote computer. Try to reboot your computer 2. Windows Error Codes 0x Please check the system eventlog for additional information. [ERROR_MCA_OCCURED (0x28B)]Error Code 652: There was error [%2] processing the driver database. [ERROR_DRIVER_DATABASE_ERROR (0x28C)]Error Code 653: System hive size has exceeded its limit. What Is Error Code -50 Solution: 1.

Someone else might have connected under your account 2. Solution: 1. Reddit 5. Updating this driver may allow the system to go to standby mode. [ERROR_DRIVER_FAILED_SLEEP (0x279)]Error Code 634: The system file %1 has become corrupt and has been replaced. [ERROR_CORRUPT_SYSTEM_FILE (0x27A)]Error Code 635: Windows Update Error Codes

That means I have a boot sector virus. Else, try another Access number 4. The serial driver will unload. [ERROR_SERIAL_NO_DEVICE (0x45E)]1 - 1118 | 1119 - 1935 | 1936 - 8250 | 8251 - 12008 | 12009 - 15841 [1] A system error code is Phoenix BIOS beep codes Below are the beep codes for Phoenix BIOS Q3.07 OR 4.X Beep Code Description and what to check 1-1-1-1 Unconfirmed beep code.

If it's not the case, set up the correct drivers 3. How To Fix Error Code -24 A complete synchronization is required. [ERROR_SYNCHRONIZATION_REQUIRED (0x239)]Error Code 570: The NtCreateFile API failed. Solution: 1.

Error #798 Error Message: A certificate could not be found that can be used with this Extensible Authentication Protocol.

This example Rubli provides is a textbook classic. But unfortunately that resource no longer exists. If this does not work, the problem might come from your RAM or the Swap file Error #20 Error Message: The system cannot find the specified device Solution: 1. Microsoft Error Codes Windows 10 Consequently the descriptions of these codes cannot be very specific.

However, because of the wide variety of different computer manufacturers with this BIOS, the beep codes may vary. Reinstall the dialler 4. Make sure that your computer is Spyware free Error #603 Error Message: Caller's buffer is too small Solution: 1. See our directory mention here.

Reboot your computer 2. Home News Windows Downloads Security Edge IE Office Phone General Deals Forum About Windows Errors, System Error Messages and Codes: Complete List and Meaning RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors Contact a technician if the problem persists Error #995 Error Message: Operation aborted. Install Blue Frog connection software again Error #645 Error Message: Internal authentication error.

Error #792 Error Message: The L2TP connection attempt failed because security negotiation timed out. Else, install your modem drivers again Error #721 Error Message: Remote PPP peer is not responding. I've also seen a "bad magic error" before. You can also reinstall your modem 3.

Either it is retried after the containing onode is moved or the extent stream is converted to a large stream. [ERROR_CONVERT_TO_LARGE (0x258)]Error Code 601: The attempt to find the object found To use all processors the operating system restricts itself to the features of the least capable processor in the system. Select the modem's COM port and under the Diagnosis section, open "More Info". The poster did not specify the operating system he was attempting to use.

There are so many people who really don't know that how to tackle minor errors. Solution: Ensure that the dialler, not the one set up for LAN use though, has been properly installed and has the right settings Error #781 Error Message: The encryption attempt failed Repeated high frequency beeps while PC is running Overheating processor (CPU) Repeated beeps alternating high & low frequency Issue with the processor (CPU), possibly damaged If any other correctable hardware issues Errors are also more clearly expressed in the form of error codes.

ErrorHelp has a section on solved errors, which is a huge knowledge base in itself. Google Home vs.