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Payflow Pro Error Code 111


Between July 1 to August 31, three different price ceiling settings caused the filter to trigger, yet the scorecard would not indicate this. The exact wording of the RESPMSG (shown in bold) may vary. Intuit Payment Solutions (formerly known as ECHOnline): Code DescriptionG Approved D Declined C Cancelled T Timeout waiting for host response R Received ITransact/NexCommerce: Code Description0Approved.1Declined or error condition. Try your transaction again. 105 Credit error. navigate here

Instead of                               receiving a PARes response to a Validate Authentication transaction, an error response         SETTLE_DATE Date format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS 19 Value available only after settlement has completed. This is also known as a hard decline.RReferred. The default setting is set to not check for duplicates. https://www.paypalobjects.com/en_US/vhelp/paypalmanager_help/result_values_for_transaction_declines_or_errors.htm

Paypal Error Codes

When you fill out your PayPoint Application form you must identify the number of days your application will accept posted dated payments.Refund_Settlement_Pending E-Check Only result code. Beanstream: Code Description1Transaction approved.0Transaction declined. If not, then look at the Transaction Detail screen for this transaction to see if it                               has Reasons for transactions appearing here can include: Triggered filters.

You are trying to process a tender type such as Discover Card, but you are not set up with your merchant bank to accept this card type. 26 Invalid vendor account In Observe mode all results codes are always 0. Note: You are charged the per-transaction fee to use the live servers in either Observe or Active mode. Generic Host Error Paypal Transaction type is not appropriate for this transaction.

Address and ZIP code do not match. The AVS return value should appear in the RESPMSG. Diner's Club, American Express if the merchant does not take American Express, Domestic Maestro if multicurrency only).22 Invalid reference - Reference numbers should be 16 digits for fulfill transactions, or between It contains all the transactions that were not screened by filters.

Change the host address from the test server URL to the live server URL.                      2        Invalid tender type. Generic Processor Error: 10001-internal Error Note: You can also view the Fraud Details page for transactions that were rejected or accepted. If after re-presentment the payment still results in Non-Sufficient funds in the consumers account a Final_Non_Sufficient_Funds result code is returned.Final_Non_Sufficient_Funds This result code is specific to E-Checks. RESULT RESPMSG and Explanation 0 Approved For Account Verification authorization transactions, RESULT=0 with RESPMSG=Verified. 1 User authentication failed.

Credit Card Declined Reason Codes

Returned on API calls which don't involve executing a payment or payment cancellation.Payment_Success Specific to Make a Payment. ACH transactions only. 114 Card Security Code mismatch. Paypal Error Codes Contact customer support regarding any             other errors.             For information on firewall configuration, see Chapter , “Downloading, Installing, and         Credit Card Processing Error Codes Remember that in this phase, you are configuring the live servers.

A value of 0 (zero) indicates that no errors occurred and the transaction was approved. check over here The table below describes the values returned in a response string. The Fraud Transaction Report page appears. If the transaction has already settled, your only recourse is a reversal (credit a payment or submit a payment for a credit). 109 Time-out waiting for host response 111 Capture error. Credit Card Declined Error Codes

Transaction cannot be approved electronically but can be approved with a verbal authorization. A value of -1 or -2 can also be possible if the PayPal servers are unavailable, or an incorrect server/socket pair has been specified. You can turn off any filter so that it does not screen transactions. http://back2cloud.com/error-code/payflow-pro-error-code-12.php Example response for an authentication transaction with Verbosity=Low RESULT=126&PNREF=VFHA28926593&RESPMSG=Under review by Fraud Service&AUTHCODE=041PNI&AVSADDR=Y&AVSZIP=N&CVV2MATCH=X&HOSTCODE=A&PROCAVS= A&PROCCVV2=X&IAVS=N&PREFPSMSG=Review: More than one rule was triggered for Review&POSTFPSMSG=Review: More than one rule was triggered for Review Example

VERBOSITY=LOW: This is the default setting for Payflow accounts. Respmsg Time Zone Time zone represented in this report. A transaction with a TRANSSTATE of +200 is basically in limbo and will not be settled. +1000 Voided transactions.

In the Service Summary section of the PayPal Manager home page, click the Basic or Advanced Fraud Protection link.

Then you move to a live transaction environment to fine-tune operation in an Observe-only mode. The activity on your account is the official record. Card Security Code validation failed. Invalid Transaction Atm To protect you against credit card fraud, the Fraud Protection filters identify potentially fraudulent activity and let you decide whether to accept or reject the suspicious transactions.

An authorization may still exist on the cardholder’s account. 114 Card Security Code mismatch. For some filters, you also set the value that triggers the filter—for example the dollar amount of the ceiling price in the Total Purchase Price Ceiling filter. Use the format: “#####.##”. weblink The transaction is coming from an unknown IP address.

Verify it is a card that you accept54 Message returned from bank (reason for decline-not always populated)55 Not a valid user for external processing. (This error usually occurs when using an The Move Test Filter Setting to Live page appears. A value greater than zero indicates a decline or an error. See RESPMSG.

Additional error message that indicates that the merchant used a feature that is disabled TRANSSTATE Integer 10 State of the transaction. ACH transactions only. 114 Card Security Code (CSC) Mismatch. HSBC Code DescriptionAApproved.DDeclined. Note: All negative (-) value Return Codes are due to Network/Communications issues.

5th Dimension Logistics: Code Description1 Approved520 ApprovedA Approved00 Approved100 Approved2 Declined530 Declined540 DeclinedD Declined05 Declined500 Declined3 Error550 ErrorX ErrorER

Accept: Submit the transaction for normal processing. The first step in reviewing filtered transactions is to list the transactions. Important: Upon completing the configuration procedures within each of the phases described below, you must click the Deploy button to deploy the filter settings. Review the filter results by following the instructions in Assessing transactions that triggered filters.

Fine-tuning filter settings using the filter scorecard The Filter Scorecard displays the number of times that each filter was triggered and the percentage of all transactions that triggered each filter during Make sure you have not already credited this transaction, or that this transaction ID is for a creditable transaction. (For example, you cannot credit an authorization.) 106 Host not available 107