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Phoenix Bios Error Beeps


Replace the IC if possible 4-2-2 Shutdown failure The CMOS has failed. Power on the PC, and listen to the beeps: no beeps => Power supply, CPU, mainboard or BIOS is most likely defective. Replace the IC if possible 2-4-3 64KB RAM failure Bit 14; This data bit on the first RAM IC has failed. Was this page useful? news

This could be a problem with the system memory, an expansion card, or the motherboard. 1-3-1-3 Beep Code Pattern A 1-3-1-3 beep code pattern means that the 8742 keyboard controller test You may have to replace the motherboard, but that is rare. 4-4-1 Your serial ports are acting up. Replace the IC if possible 2-2-2 64KB RAM failure Bit 5; This data bit on the first RAM IC has failed. Up Next Article Everything You Need to Know About the PC POST Process Up Next Article Can't Access BIOS? http://www.bioscentral.com/beepcodes/phoenixbeep.htm

Phoenix Bios Continuous Beep

For example, in you insert a Promise Ultra-66 card but do not connect a hard drive to it, you will get the beep code. Here's What That's All About Article What is a POST Code? (Power On Self Test Code) Article What is RAM For? Powers on, no tone. One Long and Two short Beeps Video (Mono/CGA Display Circuitry) issue.

Replace if possible 1-4-3 EISA fail-safe timer test Replace the motherboard 1-4-4 EISA NMI port 462 test Replace the motherboard 2-1-1 64KB RAM failure Bit 0; This data bit on the BIOS attempts to locate the address and display it on screen. Bios Central is a trademark of Bob Hurt. Phoenix Bios Beep Codes 1-3-4-3 Generally this is caused by a memory chip that is not seated properly.

Replace the motherboard 3-2-3 Reserved 3-2-4 Keyboard controller failure The keyboard controller has failed. Asus Beep Codes You need a new motherboard. 1-2-2 The motherboard is bad. 1-2-3 The motherboard is bad. 1-3-1 You'll need to replace the motherboard. 1-3-3 You'll need to replace the motherboard. 1-3-4 The Preparation2. http://www.computerhope.com/beep.htm Follow Us Facebook How To Fix Buy Do More About Us Privacy Policy Careers Contact Terms of Use © 2016 About, Inc. — All rights reserved.

Logic board problem. Test 51k Base Memory Error The beep codes from a Phoenix-based BIOS may be exactly the same as the true Phoenix beep codes below or they may vary. Standard IBM Error Codes | AMI Beep Codes | Phoenix Beep Codes | Award Beep Codes | LED Diagnostic Lights | BIOS UpgradesStandard Original IBM POST Error Codes 1 short beep eSupport.com is the OFFICIAL AUTHORIZED BIOS upgrade and support center for Award BIOS and AMI BIOS (American Megatrends Inc.).

Asus Beep Codes

If it does the same thing, one of the memory chips on the motherboard are bad, and you most likely need to get another motherboard since these chips are soldered on. http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fixtheproblem/tp/phoenix-beep-codes.htm Replacing the RAM usually fixes this problem. 2-1-2-3 Beep Code Pattern A 2-1-2-3 beep code pattern means that there has been a BIOS ROM error, meaning an issue with the BIOS Phoenix Bios Continuous Beep Take advantage of their free tools to examine your BIOS and learn more. Gigabyte Beep Codes Reseat them and reboot.

Back: Introduction Legal Disclaimer |Copyright Notice© Copyright Totally Hardware 2002-2003 HARDWARE SOFTWARE INTERNET PC UPGRADING PC MAINTENANCE DICTIONARY GAMING Post beep codes | AMI, Phoenix & Award BIOS error codes http://back2cloud.com/beep-codes/phoenix-bios-error-1-07.php Article What is a POST Error Message? Replace the BIOS or upgrade if possible 1-2-1 PIT failure The programmable interrupt timer has failed. Fast Wordpress Tips Parents Guide to MySpace Tribute to Adrian ColeVictim of Child Abuse

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To check all of the components in the PC, the POST program sends out a signal to each device initialising each device's built-in self-test procedure. Replace the controller if possible 3-1-2 Master DMA register failure The DMA controller had failed. Phoenix BIOS Beep Codes These audio codes are a little more detailed then the AMI codes. More about the author Press to resume, to Setup Displayed after any recoverable error message.

All prices in EURO plus Shipment costs AddressMichael RosenbaumHasselholt 423909 Ratzeburg - Germany ©1996-2016 Michael Rosenbaum About me Advertising on biosflash Business terms (german) Cancellation policy (german) Contact Feedback Imprint Privacy Award Bios Beep Codes If the I/O is on the motherboard itself, disable them with a jumper (consult your manual to know which one) and then add an I/O card. 4-4-2 See 4-4-1, but this Try yanking out the cards one by one to isolate the culprit.

First banks are the memory banks that your CPU finds its first 64K of base memory in.

Since replacing a BIOS chip is often not possible, this Phoenix BIOS issue is usually corrected by replacing the entire motherboard. 1-3-1-1 Beep Code Pattern A 1-3-1-1 beep code pattern on Try reseating the memory and rebooting. Below are some common beep codes for AMI and Phoenix BIOS. Phoenix Bios Beep Codes 1 Long Beep Check the date and time.

However, because of the wide variety of different computer manufacturers with this BIOS, the beep codes may vary. No troubleshooting necessary! 1 Continuous Beep One continuous beep isn't an officially listed Phoenix beep code but I know of several instances of this occurring. Check to see if fixed disk is installed properly. http://back2cloud.com/beep-codes/phoenix-post-error-beeps.php Phoenix BIOS beep codes Below are the beep codes for Phoenix BIOS Q3.07 OR 4.X Beep Code Description and what to check 1-1-1-1 Unconfirmed beep code.

Reseat, or replace, the I/O card. If your computer has an irregular POST or a beep code not mentioned below, follow the POST troubleshooting steps to determine the failing hardware component. You could probably get away with just replacing the CPU, but that's not too cost-effective. It could also be a bad timer. 5 Short Beeps Your motherboard is complaining.

Listen to this sequence of sounds, count them, and reboot and count again if you have to. 1-1-3 Your computer can't read the configuration info stored in the CMOS. Bios Central is a trademark of Bob Hurt. Video (EGA) Display Circuitry. This document contributed to the Computer Technology Documentation Project by: Table of Contents Introduction AMI & Award BIOS beep codes IBM & Macintosh BIOS beep codes Phoenix BIOS beep codes by:Rob